Deadworld – Self Titled EP


Ever imagined what being clenched by the jaws of hell might be like? Well try the debut EP from US deathcore band Deadworld on for size. Their self-titled introduction may or may not exactly emulate the mouth of perpetual torment but it would certainly make the perfect soundtrack to its bestial and ravenous appetite. The four-track introduction to the New Jersey trio is a hellacious tempest of sound and psyche swarming enterprise. It is carnivorous, primal, and an increasingly compelling web of inventive malevolence and blackened raw seduction.

With three of its tracks recorded with Chris Fernandez, the song Astaroth recorded andengineered by guitarist/songwriter Jack Di Muro, and all mastered by Greg Pizzullo, the EP instantly goes for the jugular of body and psyche with opener Disgust. Well we say they go straight for the throat but initially the song emerges on a sonic boil of sound, one growing in weight and tension and subsequently exploding in a blaze of pestilential breath and guttural vocal toxicity. This is cradled in a furnace of riffs from  Di Muro and venomous rhythmic ferocity driven by the bass predation cast by Pete Buckley. The eruption settles into a savage stalking thereafter, the vocals of Emilio Alarcon a raw scourge shaped by excellent diversity striding purposefully alongside the corrosive riffery. It is the flirtatious shards of melodic and psychotic invention which spark and vein the tempest though which especially excite, their imaginative presence just the start of a creative adventure which does not impose upon and dilute the ravaging but certainly adds a mystique and enthralling twist to its brutality.

The excellent first taste of Deadworld is forcibly backed by Extremist next, though it is its successor Astaroth which steals the whole show. The second song is a lumbering prowling beast, its rhythmic punishing almost lightweight against the colossal intensity and rancor pervading the voice and heart of the encounter. As its sonic imagination and virulent hostility brings its vitriol to bear on the ears, you can almost feel it tearing down layer by layer the walls of psyche and senses, worming into the wounds and festering with toxic glee. It is nothing to the animus that is Astaroth though, the track one of those addictions you know you should flee but are lost to as soon as its claws sink into body and thought. As contagious as a plague and just as lingering, the track consumes and violates with sonic treachery and vocal maliciousness, already seizing the passions before condemning them to infernal addiction by unleashing a tempestuous fusion of diverse metal flavours and rabid intensity thereafter. The song lurches, lumbers, and charges with invention and jaundice, twisting it into unpredictable and contagious adventure.

The closing track, The Black Swan Event which features Bryan Martinez of Grimus, is a fury of sound and nature hell-bent on twisting the listener into a whimpering wreck through sheer creative animosity and a persistent savaging which again has no time to be predictable or content in feeding expectations. The song is still not majorly ground-breaking in its touch but certainly brings a fresh magnetism and ingenuity to its corruptive invention

The EP is a strong and potential drenched first offering from Deadworld, a band easy to assume is already making strong waves locally and within the US underground. Their EP has the promise and quality to lure even broader attention beyond those borders, so we all should expect to hear much more about Deadworld.

The Deadworld EP is available now via as a name your price download.

RingMaster 18/03/2015

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