The Crossfire Hurricanes – The Deviant

The Crossfire Hurricanes - new pic

It is not exactly essential to make a striking impression with your first single but it certainly can do no harm having an introduction which whips up attention and an eager appetite for your sounds, something Northern Ireland rockers The Crossfire Hurricanes do with irrepressible enterprise on The Deviant. Soaked in a captivating and sultry blaze of blues rock, the band’s stirring debut single is simply fiery rock ‘n’ roll with as much punch as it has sultry temptation in its impressive persuasion.

Springing from an initial vision in 2013, The Crossfire Hurricanes did not rush into making their entrance, instead taking their first year crafting and honing their blues infused sound. Once off the leash though, the Belfast quartet of Brendan McGreevy, Johnny Nicholl, Owen Duffy, and Niall Kelly swiftly ignited their local scene with their energetic and impressive live presence, repeating the persuasion around Ireland and into Dublin thereafter. Musically they draw on inspirations from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Keys, and Pearl Jam, a thick spicing which is often open but never commanding in their impressive single.

The thrust of riffs opening up the song make an appealing start but it is the swiftly joining tangy melodies and grooves which really capture ears and imagination, their persistent flames swirling magnetically across the blues kissed landscape. Their psyche hued colouring washes over the rhythmically more reserved nature of the track, an aspect which is still a strong dark texture and potent contrast against the smouldering temptation surrounding it though. Vocally too the track is aflame with expression and alluring hues, whilst everything combined creates a tapestry of contagious and accomplished persuasion.

The Deviant is an enthralling encounter, reminding a little Norwegian rock band Electric Woodland, which alone has ears hooked and attention on The Crossfire Hurricanes intense. It may be too early to make big declarations but it is not hard to already suspect a big future for the band and more impressive things from them in return.

The Deviant is available now @

The Crossfire Hurricanes will be playing at The Empire in Belfast on Friday 20th March.

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