EofE – Stars In Hollywood


Formed in 2012, UK rockers EofE has been stirring up attention with a handful of potent releases though their new single Stars In Hollywood is the first to cross our radar. It is destined not to be the last though as the track alone proves enough to understand and reinforce the growing buzz around the Black Country quintet. The single is a rigorously captivating slice of muscular rock ‘n’ roll with nothing lightweight about its enterprise and everything captivating in its presence.

Stars In Hollywood has been announced as the band’s first official single but follows a host of digital tracks released on the likes of iTunes across 2014. Each of Dirty Diana, Lust, Kiss Me Like You Mean It, and Piece of You awoke increasing attention, which now after hindsight listens is easy to understand, but it was the acclaimed Bridges last November which breached greater media and fan spotlights. Its success and keen radio play was backed by an 11-date headline tour across the UK. Now EofE follow it up with Stars In Hollywood, its unveiling coming straight after the band completes another extensive tour supporting UK metallers Glamour Of The Kill. 2015 is sizing up to be another potent year for the quintet of Tom Harris, Dan Bremner, Luke Bradley, Nicky Waters, and Reece Luke, with Stars In Hollywood the next striking temptation.

The single rides in on a sonic lure and jabbing beats, building up its walls before it all crashes down into a melodically fuelled yet pungently weighty proposal. The dark throated bassline is an immediate attraction, its heavy growl never far from the surface of the song and sparking great satisfaction. Swiftly in full energetic stroll, the song’s great vocals align to just as expressive guitar enterprise. Stars In Hollywood is also unafraid at times to relax for just a voice and bass seduction and other moments the same of vocals and guitar, but ultimately t storms senses and the imagination with a rousing stride of sonic tenacity and melodic invention. The anthemic urgency and prowess of the song is just as impacting and inescapable, easily pushing EofE onto that continual to watch list.

Stars In Hollywood is a treat, a single which whether an introduction to the band or confirmation for fans of their impressing growth, sets down a new marker and peak for the band’s creativity and sound to date. We will be joining a great many keenly anticipating their next proposition from hereon in.

Stars In Hollywood is available from March 9th @ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/stars-in-hollywood-single/id958688837

https://www.eofe.com/   https://www.facebook.com/EofEOfficialBand

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