The Hokum – Mind Over Matter

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With more than a feisty breath of eighties new wave to it, Mind Over Matter the new single from UK indie pop band The Hokum, is one of those encounters which either instinctively hits the sweet spot or at least tempts ears with a nostalgic flirtation. Certainly the song is just as boldly modern as it is seeded in former decades, but there is no escaping licking lips at its Sparks meets China Crisis meets Split Enz adventure.

Hailing from Sheffield, The Hokum is a quartet yet to trigger the kind of spotlight their sound and presence deserves, though they have been featured on Tom Robinson’s Mixtape, Minster Fm and BBC Radio Sheffield to date. Debut album Fools, Mules and Baggage… has been doing its impressive bit to stir up ears and appetites since its release in the autumn of last year also, but maybe it will be the second single taken from it which turns the key to a national awareness. Certainly Mind Over Matter will be luring and exciting a great many new appetites for the band The hokum singlesuch it’s mischievous and magnetically infectiousness and quirky charm.

The opening rhythmic coaxing of the song swiftly has ears and attention, not forgetting toes keenly interested; an intrigue only enhanced by the raw but magnetic stroke of guitar. Vocally too, song and band takes a strong hold whilst the chorus which predominately steals the show with its repetitive anthemic potency, grips even tighter with a power pop vivacity. Equally though there is a clever underlying contagion to the open surface and more involved invention of the song, each hook and melody seemingly familiar yet wrapped in a refreshing uniqueness that sets it and band apart from the crowd.

The Hokum stand at the edge of broader attention thanks to their album, nudging and teasing it with their tantalising sound. Mind Over Matter could be the push taking the band right into the gaze of the UK rock scene; if not it is easy to expect that recognition is coming soon.

Mind Over Matter is available from February 23rd

Upcoming live dates for The Hokum:

3.03.15 Red House, Sheffield

02.05.15 Shakespeare, Sheffield

29.05.15 Plug, Sheffield,

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Pacific – Time To Forget

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Like an infectious smile or warm embrace, Time To Forget the new single from UK indie rockers Pacific is an encounter which ignites ears and emotions. Without setting down a brazen look at me like marker, the song just as successfully lures a healthy appetite for its presence with a gentle but firm creative caress and a vivaciously melodic nature. It also reinforces the Cheshire quartet as a prospect more than worthy of increasing attention.

Formed in 2011 and fusing a punchy alternative rock adventure with a more indie bred melodic tangle of enterprise, Pacific has nurtured a strong reputation and following through singles such as Dream of Mine and She Demands, the first already notching up over 20,000 views on YouTube alone. Earning increasing support from the likes of Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6’s Mark Radcliffe and BBC Stoke Introducing’s Rob Adcock, the foursome of vocalist/pianist Anthony Orzel, bassist Daniel Orzel, guitarist Dave Bithell, and drummer Drew Burns are looking at making 2015 their most prolific success and spotlight wise so far, and taken from their upcoming debut EP, Time To Forget is a thoroughly magnetic start.pacific single cover

A coaxing of piano sparkles across ears first, swiftly joined by a melodic shimmer of guitar and firm but respectfully jabbing rhythms. The strong vocals of Anthony Orzel are soon a harmonic flame in the mix too, potently backed by the rest of the band’s melodic tones. It is a captivating start finding further temptation as a festival of beats and percussive enterprise joins the vibrant stroll and spicy hook of the song’s inventive dance. Continuing to entice and reward with a flavoursome sound and masterful craft, the single never grabs the listener by the scruff of their neck but lingers and seduces with increasing energy over time to still emerge a memorable and exciting endeavour.

Pacific are being talked about with increasing enthusiasm over each passing release and show, something Time To Forget will only add to and increase whilst ensuring anticipation for the band’s impending EP will be particularly enthused.

Time To Forget is released from Monday 23rd February whilst the band’s next show is at White Heat Club @ The Lexington, London on Friday 27th February with Winters Island and Animal Shivers.


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Neverise – Everything You’ve Done

Neverise cover

Emerging from the demise of Follow You Home, a band which was tipped to go far, UK melodic rock band Neverise are poised to release their debut single. Already there is a buzz around the band which Everything You’ve Done will only intensify it is easy to suspect, and as the member’s previous guise, it is hard not to suggest because of it, that Neverise can be keenly suggested to have a potentially big future ahead of them also.

As mentioned the band has risen from the ashes of the previously mentioned outfit, but with a new vocalist, new collection of songs, and an arguably much more adventurous sound, Neverise swiftly grip attention with their identity and first single. Merging electronic seduction with rawer and more aggressive flames of enterprise and energy, Everything You’ve Done instantly coaxes ears with a melodic tease. It is a lure which is soon overrun by the tempestuous and magnetic blaze of the band’s enterprise; guitarists Nick Ayre and Mikey Davis, bassist Richard Davis, and drummer Ted Claxton creating a potent and captivating weave of sonic temptation and intensity. The vocals of Jessica Matthews similarly engage with rich success, her tones striking whilst easily uniting with the tempestuous energy around her.

The song relaxes with everyone in their creative place; a kind of calm finding raw male tones raging in the background to variable success as Matthews moulds every syllable and lyrical intimacy in the song’s narrative into a captivating hug. Her presence is a contrasting and complimenting temper to the more voracious character of the track which surges again, a fiercer roar proves just as inviting. In some ways Everything You’ve Done is unsurprising but in others instantly sets the band apart from the crowd; keys and intricate melodies alone a compelling weapon for the songwriting to embrace alongside the enjoyable overall mix of vocals.

Never relaxing its hold on ears and satisfaction, the single is a pungently enjoyable and impressive introduction to Neverise, and loaded with a promise which as suggested earlier, will bring to them and the British rock scene some exciting times.

Everything You’ve Done is available from February 23rd.

Upcoming Neverise Live Dates:

5th June – Manchester Academy 3

6th June – derby, Victoria Inn

RingMaster 21/02/2015

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