From Kid – You Can Have All The Wonders


It does not take long to understand the buzz around and anticipation for You Can Have All The Wonders, the debut album from Swiss electronic folk/pop band From Kid. Within a couple of songs the twelve track proposition has ears seduced and emotions invigorated with its refreshing presence. Embracing as big an array of emotions as it does sounds the release is a captivating romance for the senses and imagination. It persistently impresses and thrills whether it is charming the listener with a melancholic seduction or revelling in an intoxicating tenacity.

Recorded in an old farmhouse in Switzerland, You Can Have All The Wonders is the majestic invention of duo Andrin Berchtold and Gian Reto Camenisch. The pair has upon their first album, entwined virulent melodic temptation with warm immersive harmonies all within emotionally coloured atmospheres. Aided by Gianluca Giger and Sascha Frischknecht, the pair’s songs inhabit sonic landscapes which are broadly ethereal and reflectively intimate simultaneously, yet each discovering its own distinct character and gentle but striking drama. They engulf the senses and thoughts with a lingering persuasion, each slow evocative hug or lively dance as inescapable long-term as they are ridiculously infectious face to face.

Emerging on a distant breeze of sonic coaxing, opening track Applause is swiftly stealing firm attention as a mesmeric charm of vocals strokes ears from within an ever closing melodic ambience. Beats rumble in the background as does a feistier agitation of electronic tempting, their presence seemingly growing impatient so it is not long before the song expels its shadow wrapped breath of potent keys and electro imagination. The glorious vocals of Berchtold and Camenisch steal focus and song though; every note and syllable shared an infectious seducing with shadowy undertones.

The impressive start is matched by the more rigorously opening Need of Our Skin, a similarly relaxed and slightly spatial exploration of sound and emotions. Arguably the expression of the piano has even greater drama in every single note, that evocative touch slightly portentous but tempered by the melodic mediation of the sensational vocals. There is a warmth to the song but as suggested also a colder angst, both perfectly crafted by the sounds without any favouring so the track is as rounded and magnetic as possible; something easily applying to the energetic shuffle of Come In which comes next. Electro pop with sturdier rhythmic bait, the song swings with the senses for a seriously infectious dance just irresistible to feet and voice.10252170_983348065015557_3211684565642470918_n

Itself brings a folkish beauty next which certainly has a scent of Simon and Garfunkel to it at times, though the song equally develops its own unique weave of voice and melodies over an almost cinematic electronic soundscape. Its harmonic flame makes way for the addictive imagination of This is All, another ridiculously contagious stroll which flirts with a techno and synth pop colouring for its fluid mix of curvy saunters and bouncing energy. There is nothing but peaks across You Can Have All The Wonders, but this track is one with snow on its lofty heights.

Both the easy going and perky sounds of Wonders and the gentle romancing of Water Flows keep album and listener wrapped in each other’s arms, the first crazily catchy and impossible to resist and the second a smooth glaze of emotional and melodic humidity. Each is individual in presence to themselves and other tracks, but united in exciting and enslaving attention and an increasingly greedy appetite for the album, a hunger sparked again by the outstanding Colors and its hypnotic coaxing bred from a minimalistic but binding guitar melody. Around it though, air is a building tension whilst vocals and bass probe from different ends of light to collude in tantalising the senses.

Closing Scene fascinates next, vocals and keys bringing melodies casting a sunset of warm beauty but brought back to earth by the wonderfully sombre almost funereal ambience of the surrounding synths and the sobering pyres of brass fuelled sound. The track is enthralling, quite breath-taking in its dark way as it takes the listener into calm but haunted waters before freeing them again for the carnival-esque swing of Waltz. With a slither of gypsy and vaudeville folk to its irresistible minuet, the song sculpts another major temptation beautifully teased and presented by From Kid.

The closing pair of Underground and Dead Ends struggle to match the previous song but each leaves rich satisfaction, the first through its unpredictable and almost volatile energy and the last with its humid and dramatic atmospheric and vocal balladry. You Can Have All The Wonders ends in safe and inventive hands, and as much as we looked for something to temper our enthusiasm just a touch in these songs and elsewhere for the release, truly this is an album to unreservedly share with every dark clouded day and summer festivity.

You Can Have All The Wonders is available now on CD and digitally via Sonic Service @

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