Evisorax – Goodbye to the feast…welcome to the famine


If grindcore is the kind of thing which ignites the passions then the bracing winds of Goodbye to the feast…welcome to the famine are sure to inflame the senses. This new sonic assault comes from British trio Evisorax so of course we mean viciously searing torrents of sound in regard to the six-track violation, especially as the line-up of vocalist Simon Wright (also of Krokodil), guitarist Daniel Lynch, and drummer Simon Bishop (Ex-Narcosis) have unleashed their most imposing theatre of violence yet.

The follow-up to 2011 album Isle of Dogs, which in turn succeeded Enclave of 2008, the band’s Scott Hull mastered third album is as blisteringly brutal and hateful as music comes. Evisorax’s furious expulsions of undiluted and math grindcore has already pushed the threesome to the fore of the genre and ‘audio violence’, but now the new ravaging of Goodbye to the feast…Welcome to the Famine takes it all to a new level, as evidenced immediately by the vitriolic tempest of opener Greedy Pig. The track is a tsunami of spite and rhythmic punishment, a ruthless seduction enhanced by the hate spewing raging of Wright amidst a corrosive blitz of caustic riffery and tangy toxic grooving. Barely a minute of rancor, it is straight away matched in voracity and aggression by Blood Fucking Blisters. The second track has real bad blood running through its veins and an addictive nature in its grooving and jabbing beats within the expected and always unpredictable sonic animus which pours from the songwriting and hearts of Evisorax

   The Last Horrendous Concubines provides thirty six seconds of sonic execration next whilst Locust Breeders takes over with a minute of its own similarly impassioned malevolence musically and vocally. The track also finds a swing and contagious grooving to its infestation and scorching of the senses, feeling almost light in comparison to its predecessors and the following End Users (Directors Cut) where the drums, as in the previous song, add an addictive almost anthemic swagger though the likeness ends there as it turns into an invasive jaundice of sonic pestilence and desensitising enterprise.

The album’s pinnacle comes next, So many Fat people during the Famine revealing a magnetic twist in the attack of the release with melodic toxins and a slower groove bound gait. The violence and lyrical/vocal loathing is still a running torrent but Evisorax take it into doomier, sludge kissed scenery with clean vocals and sultry climates. With deranged twists and flirtatious scythes of guitar and short spicy grooves, the track is a bewitching temptation as it takes its pound of flesh from ears and sanity from the psyche.

All the best bits, they left out of your death brings the album to a close, its insatiable anger and technical causticity a fitting and scarring end to a blissful and blistering confrontation. Goodbye to the feast…welcome to the famine is a treat and must for all grindcore extreme punk fans but for the rest…well they best run and hide.

Goodbye to the feast…welcome to the famine is available now via Bones Brigade Records on 12” vinyl @ http://grindshop.bonesbrigaderecords.com/produit.php?ref=BB063&id_rubrique=3 with a T-shirt/cassette bundle available @ http://label2318.bigcartel.com/product/evisorax-goodbye-to-the-feast-welcome-to-the-famine-t-shirt-cassette-poster-bundle


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