The Little Secrets – All I Need


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There is a charm to the music of UK indie pop band The Little Secrets, going by debut single All I Need, which is quite inescapable and irresistible. The song does not send senses and emotions whirling yet it lingers and seduces with long term potency, springing back in memory and thoughts whenever it pleases. One song does not reveal the whole picture of any band but All I Need it is fair to say makes a rather strong and persuasive colour for the Liverpool duo.

The Little Secrets began in 2010 after multi-instrumentalist Kevin Dixon spotted and met vocalist Stacy Jo at Liverpool’s world famous Cavern Club whilst she was singing with another band. Subsequently creatively uniting, the pair took a couple of years writing and exploring various line-ups and sounds before honing an infectious pop driven adventure as heard vibrantly on their first single. Released via Edge Hill University’s The Label Recordings, and already received keen radio support, All I Need is a slice of summer revelry sure to warm up anyone’s day.Picture 5

A great mix of feisty beats and a noise kissed tease of guitar tempts ears first, their magnetic unity the lead into a lively caress of guitar melodies and a courting dark bassline. They in turn are romanced by the magnetic vocals of Stacy Jo and just as flavoursome accompanying harmonies, her entrance seeming to warm up the energy and expression of the melodic seduction of the song even more. Into its contagious stride soon after, the song brings a great Kirsty MacColl feel to it in sound and voice, that earlier mentioned charm and warmth oozing from every polite hook and croon like melody offered.

Time will tell if The Little Secrets can fulfil the promise and initial acclaim All I Need has and is destined for, but we will not be betting against them.

All I Need is available from January 26th via The Label Recordings

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