The Rubys – Jesus Girl


As The Rubys work on their new album for release later in the year, we slightly belatedly look at their last single Jesus Girl. Fuelled by a compelling melodic persuasion from the Manchester sextet, the song is a vibrant hug for ears providing a lively and evocative adventure of sound and enterprise. It is not a track to set a new template for indie rock pop but instead emerges as a lingering romance of warm sounds and just as potent enjoyment.

Though new to us, The Rubys have already earned a strong reputation and supportive attention from fans and underground media alike through their live performances and a host of singles and EPs leading to debut album Limelight Parasite which came out in 2012. Taken from the band’s album, Jesus Girl provides a confirmation of the band’s captivating presence to those in the know and a rich introduction to newcomers, but also stands as a tasty appetiser to the next release which is loudly rumoured to take the band’s invention and songwriting to new heights.

Jesus Girl instantly grasps ears with a great deep toned bassline amidst radiant flames of guitar which in turn lead to a gentle but expressive melody from keys and more guitar endeavour. The vocals of Lee Hunter just as swiftly add a new bright colour to the calm yet energetic proposition, his strong mellow voice sitting nicely in the embrace of Kevin Barry’s evocative keys as guitarists Barry Kirkwood and Tat Sing Kong bring additional expression and spice to the melodic poetry of the song.

For personal tastes it is the wonderful contrast of the throaty bass sound and firmly jabbing beats of Mike Hamilton and Dave Earlam respectively which provide the spark taking a strong song into something more impacting and memorable, though take away any aspect and it is easy to suggest the song would lose all potency.

Accompanied by a sparkling unplugged version of a new track Song For Me, which will get its fully robed outing on the upcoming album, Jesus Girl quite simply leaves a warm glow and a keen appetite to embrace the band’s second full-length ahead.

Jesus Girl is available now for download on iTunes, Amazon, and more.

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