Silpha and The Corpseboners – Cirque De Nuit


To be honest Silpha and The Corpseboners already had us half hooked from the band name, but soon completed the job with the body chilling sounds of new EP Cirque De Nuit. Consisting of six tracks with a horror punk breeding sure to have the dead look as concerned as the living, the release growls and snarls with punk hostility whilst stomping with blood raw rock ‘n’ roll. Equally it is unafraid, without warning, to slip into something deranged, unpredictable, and uniquely adventurous. It is not the perfect offering but certainly right up there as one of the most exciting and irresistible horror punk ravages of recent times.

Emerging from under, we suspect, dank and cold carnival canvases in the shadowlands of Germany in 2012, Silpha and The Corpseboners were soon parading their visceral and musical charms around their home cemeteries of Stein/ Nürnberg. It was a rising of the quartet swiftly backed by an early demo EP, De Morte, and pushed to wider attention by 2013 debut full-length Agony And Ecstasy. Exploring an infusion of everything from punk and gothic vaudeville to metal in the band’s distinct style of horror punk, the album was a potent step in luring new corrupted hearts; a success sure to be matched and to be fair already being exceeded by the release of Cirque De Nuit on UK indie label Dead Artists. A year in the making, the EP is an inescapable and addictively insidious charmer and the next step in the emergence of one compelling band.

The EP’s title track courts the imagination first, a lone guitar the spicy temptation which soon has ears and appetite awake. It is strong bait but nothing compared to the eruption of punk rock led by the Siouxsie Sioux like vocals of Silpha Obscura follows. An instantly dramatic and gripping bassline from Dr. Horion romps with the passions whilst the raw blazes of Manfred Von Körperteil only add a flavoursome caustic glaze to the predatory stride of the song. Driven by the punchy beats of Bastille Amnesie, it explodes yet again with greater tenacity and energy dropping only OnlineCover_CirqueDeNuit_Biganthemic bait along the way. All the time though a dark theatre is brewing in the heart of the encounter, a gothic cabaret which having shown a glimpse of its circus seduction within the rampages of aggression, is given centre stage halfway through the song. A harpsichord weaves its quaint marquee seeded revelry as the track twists in character and grasps the dark tones of we suspect Von Körperteil. Bringing visions of broken corpses and ravenous souls dancing in the warped caress of a graveyard bone band, a vision aided by a tuba tempting provided by guest Simon Theil, the song swings and dances itself to a standstill before filling up on sonic toxicity and converging on the world with metal and punk voracity.

Cirque De Nuit is the immediate pinnacle of the EP but seriously challenged by the likes of the following surf rock haunting of Gargoyles. It smooches with ears through a slow lurking bassline amidst evocative scythes of guitar as Silpha croons with the emerging narrative. It is a gentle seducing littered with great reggae spawned beats and percussion, but a proposition losing its restraint and soon searing and challenging the senses with a tempestuous assault of heavy metal coloured punk ferocity.

Both Stolen By The Night and Hurricane surge with a similarly cast merger of sounds but each provide individual personalities with antagonistic attitudes and in the case of the first, a chug fest of riffs. It does not quite live up to the heights of the first pair of songs but with imagination in its landscape and hunger to its intensity, as well as a great vocal only anthemic passage, it keeps enjoyment full. It successor strides with a rock ‘n roll gait and bluesy melodic toxicity which plays like a mix of Thirteen Shots and Troxin Cherry at times. A serenade of sax from Dr. Horion only adds to the increasingly alluring presence of the song before it slips away for the sinister drama of Mr Underworld. Breathing an exotic melodic climate as it prowls the ears, the song is a sultry temptress soon to show her bruising weight and ferocious metal soaked charms in a forceful brawl of sound. The harpsichord returns towards the finale of the song to intrigue and thrill, as well as change the song’s imaginative scenery once again.

The closing Rewind The Tape is another punk ‘n’ roll stomp growling and abrasing ears with uncompromising hostility tempered by a clutch of contagion soaked hooks and winy grooves. It is a tremendous end to a passions arousing and thoroughly enjoyable rampage from a band with the potential and imagination to push horror punk to new exciting levels.

Cirque De Nuit is available now via Undead Artists and @

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