Deer Johnson – Another Day


Seductively melancholic yet inescapably bracing and at times anthemically uplifting, Another Day the new single from Swiss duo Deer Johnson is a magnetic captivation luring attention time and time again. Consisting of Philip Deer and Toby Johnson, two friends on the evidence of their new single capturing a fresh vibrancy and creative energy to acoustic music with their creative presence, Deer Johnson are about to take their sound around the UK in a series of headlining dates and shows supporting folksters Moulettes. The single is released to coincide with the tour and the perfect taster of shows and introduction to the band.

Another Day opens on a caress of guitar, a coaxing unveiling an immediately evocative melody with more than a shadowed quality of The Cure to it. Vocals swiftly join the emotive drama with an expressive tone as suggestive in hue as the colourful intimacy of the guitars now courting its emerging narrative. With subdued yet pungent beats and a wonderful dark bass tone to the encounter, the song croons and seduces with elegant mystery and emotional expression. With both guitars and voices entwining their distinctive but superbly blended flavoursome qualities, Another Day simply mesmerises as it sparks ears and imagination. All the time there is an underlying almost anthemic essence to the song too which in turn only has thoughts and emotions fully roused.

If Another Day is anything to go by, British audiences are in for a real treat this December as Deer Johnson hit the British roads, and the band itself destined to a very healthy reception.

Another Day is available now.

Deer Johnson Tour dates:

10th Dec                   Wolverhampton – Robin 2 (Supporting)

11th Dec                   Wakefield – Unity Hall (Supporting Moulettes)

12th Dec                   Liverpool – Lomax

13th Dec                   Bury – The Met (Supporting Moulettes)

14th Dec                   Sheffield – South Sea Live

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