Casino Thieves – The Quiet Road Home


Laying somewhere between a brawl and infectious seduction, The Quiet Road Home EP from Welsh rock band Casino Thieves is a rousing slab of raucous rock ‘n’ roll to tempt ears and a lingering appetite for more. The second release from the trio it is not an encounter which might blow you away, but with its potential filled invention and impassioned sound, it is a proposition to suggest that Casino Thieves have the goods and skills to become a potent part of shaping the British alternative rock scene ahead.

Emerging from the South Wales valley, Casino Thieves has grown through varied line-up changes as well as name, and honed a sound over time to lure attention with ease. Debut EP Russian Courage put down an alluring marker which The Quiet Road Home has not only run on with but turned into an even stronger and tenaciously persuasive incitement. Receiving its nationwide release December 8th, the five track encounter roars with inescapable energy and passion, exploring the promise of the already accomplished songwriting and sound of vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Dessent, drummer Adam Kerslake, and bassist Leon Jones. As suggested it might not have you shouting from the rooftops but The Quiet Road Home more than likely will have you getting the ladder ready to get to those heights for a future major triumph.

Casino Thieves start things off with the excellent Halogen Eyes, a song immediately rubbing up and lifting ears with a thick flush of riffs and thumping rhythms led by the potent tones of casino thieves coverDessent. It is not long before thoughts find a Hundred Reasons spicing to the already hook spilling encounter whilst the thicker more intensive tenacity of the song hints at a Reuben flavouring. It is soon a dramatically striding proposal, vocals full of expression and purpose whilst hooks and a great heavily voiced bassline contrast as they add choice temptation and shadows to the song respectively. From start to finish, the song is an adrenaline driven anthem leaving feet and senses breathless and appetite greedy.

The following Licence To Kill takes its foot off the gas just slightly, but still offers a dynamic and contagious protagonist to fully engage thoughts and emotions. A snarling bass sound and rumbling beats provide a rhythmic drama whilst guitar and vocals add rich sonic and expressive colour to the thoroughly engaging offering. It makes for a fiery yet controlled tempest of intensity, which croons and roars in equal measure, something which applies also to the next up Exit or Entrance. Opening with a tangy groove and another dark throated bassline, the song is soon flaming with the resourceful tones and stringed enterprise of Dessent, whilst both Kerslake and Jones create a gripping web of rhythmic enticing. It at times provides a mellow if spicy caress and in other moments borders on a rage of intensity and toxic charm, subsequently taking best songs honours on the release.

Crash stomps in next, hooks and sonic imagination a swift tempting within another great almost muggy energy. Vocals bring their appealing hues as the song, which without creating a truly original landscape, gives plenty for imagination’s teeth to tuck in to and emotions to find a lingering attachment to. It is hard to say that the track is distinct enough from others on the EP, or at times from what assumedly might be South Wales bred inspirations to the band, but it cannot defuse a lure and open invention which makes for a richly satisfying companion.

The Quiet Road Home closes with the melodic balladry of Beautiful Lenses, a sonic breeze of a song showing another aspect to the band’s songwriting and invention. It delves into dark corners and emotive exploration, providing a fascinating flight of sound and enterprise for a solidly enjoyable end to a fine release.

Casino Thieves are becoming no strangers to strong support and acclaim and will only be garnering more through The Quiet Road Home. The three-piece is on a noticeable ascending rise, something easy to understand with songs like those filling up the band’s impressive second release in their armoury.

The Quiet Road Home EP is available now through all digital outlets.

RingMaster 08/12/2014

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