Sylvia – Wolvey, Ansty


Ahead of their highly anticipated new album, British trio Sylvia release new single Wolvey, Ansty, and it is hard to imagine a more potent and irresistible lure to raise the appetite for their next full-length. The song is a seductive glaze of melodic enchantment and provocative drama impossible to ignore and easy to devour greedily.

From Moseley, Birmingham, the trio of Daniel Sweeney, Phill Ward, and Russell Collins drew decent attention critically and with fans through their self-produced debut album Rathea in 2011. It is a release still earning new appetites for the band, a lure which new single Wolvey, Ansty should kick up numerous gears as the band leads into its next album.

The single sidles up to ears with a melodic jangle and swiftly eager rhythms, the chattering melody of keys offering a southern air to their temptation and expressive colour to the emergence of the song. It is a provocative lure accentuated by a glorious soar of harmony soaked vocals, their delivery ethereal but also slightly haunting. Around the delicious radiance guitars and rhythms are constantly building up their potency and drama, erupting in a contagious crescendo before magnetically starting the process all over again.

There is thickness and richness to the song which belies the slimmer but vivaciously persuasive textures, it all aligning to create the elegant winds blowing across the senses. As it nears its climax, the track seems to get busier and creatively concussive, voice and sound entangling for a melodic roar and emotive blaze.

Wolvey, Ansty suggests that the impending album from Sylvia is going to be striking in the very least and we suspect, thanks to the single, that anticipations around the country are soon going to shift into hunger mode.

Wolvey, Ansty is available now via Regent Street Records @

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