Misgivings – Delete History

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A raw and antagonistic slab of melodic punk rock, the Delete History EP from UK band Misgivings is an introduction which maybe does not ignite the passions ready to fight all and sundry but it certainly reveals a potential which makes the band an exciting prospect. Loaded with six abrasing and accomplished brawls of attitude and enterprise, the release is an honest and magnetic entrance from the Southsea quartet ensuring they leave an enjoyable and promise fuelled impact in their wake.

Apparently formed ‘after a drunken chat at a squat show In Hamburg’ in 2013, Misgivings has earned a strong reputation for their live performances and sound, the band taking in a clutch of short tours in the UK and Europe since forming. Now the quartet of vocalist/guitarist William Pearce, guitarist/vocalist Ollie Richardson, bassist Joe Anderson, and drummer Andrew Summerly (though on the EP original drummer Peter Hardy plays) are primed to reap the attention their first release is geared up to garner.

The songs upon Delete History are sparked by issues such as “today’s mundane society, being forced into adulthood, complex relationships and struggling with day to day social situations”; each as the EP with its first touch through opener Century, pulling no punches. Jabbing beats alongside a raw scrub of riffs and equally abrasing vocals lures in ears towards the first song, their union prowled by bass shadows. Combined, they craft a catchy and rugged bounce which easily recruits the imagination and appetite. Mini crescendos of hooks and beats add to the anthemic potency of the song throughout whilst melodies and dual vocals provide a refreshing colour to the confrontation. It is not boundary Front Coverstretching stuff but imposingly engaging and intriguing in its caustic seduction.

The following It’s A Bone, You Lucky Dog makes a gentle entrance, blues toned melodies a relaxed coaxing before the track twists into an aggressive and antagonistic stroll. Whereas the first song was more Alkaline Trio in style, its successor has a harsher temperament and breath which draws on the hardcore prowess of a Jawbreaker or NOFX. There is still a virulent swagger to it though, a tempting wound in acidic melodic enterprise for another impressive and enjoyable provocation.

Both The Natives and Black Books keep things simmering rigorously, the first as its predecessor binding ears in a mix of hardcore and infectious melodies for an enthralling and energetic incitement. It is heavier on its feet and in its emotions than the first two tracks but pleasingly still infuses an energetic inventive touch which gives it the spark to stand out. The second of the two is the same, a track not worrying new pastures for punk rock but veining and flirting with addictive textures and tenacious ideation, creating a provocateur which lingers after its departure whilst adding another distinctive mark in favour of Misgivings.

Niagara Falls, Frankie Angel also makes its way into view with restraint and evocative melodies before stomping with animosity and resourceful voracity. Vocals are their rawest yet and melodies at their most spicy, contrasts conflicting and fusing for a belligerent and anthemic challenge before closing track Stay Dull picks on ears and thoughts with its flavoursome and richly satisfying old school seeded punk adventure.

No song, or the EP itself, leaps from the speakers yet all provide a potent lure and enjoyment which establishes Misgivings forcibly on the punk map with the frontline in their sights ahead. Delete History is a great base to start from and to grab people’s attention with, whilst the potential inside suggests bigger things are in the pipeline.

The self-released Delete History is available now @ https://misgivingspunx.bandcamp.com/


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