Look Alive – Translucent


It may not set the pulse racing with outright originality, but there is definitely something fresh and captivating to the familiar and warm presence of Translucent, the new EP from US rockers Look Alive, which cannot be avoided. The successor to their acclaimed debut album Mistakes & Milestones of last year, the new release reveals a definite maturity and more expressive intimacy has worked its way into the band’s songwriting. Arguably the four songs making up the release have a little less of the immediacy which littered the album, but loaded with an undeniable infectiousness to their more involved enterprise, it shows that the band is moving in a potent and enjoyable direction with their colourful mix of alternative rock and pop punk.

Released on Autumn + Colour Records, the EP opens with the magnetic energy and raw passion of Putting The “I” In Isolation. The song instantly grasps ears in a roar of riffs and expressive melodies intensified by an even more urgent torrent of rhythms. It is an imagination awakening start enhanced by the strong vocals of Jacob and the subsequent invention which guitars and bass potently flirt with. The song through to its end proceeds to explore slower more emotionally charged passages alongside the energetic stride of its evocative stroll, never wasting a moment on lazy energy or uneventful endeavour. It does not set a fire burning with its certain prowess and adventure, but the track certainly sparks an appetite for the release and real satisfaction with its presence.Look_Alive-Translucent-2014

Underrated moves in with a slower and mellower breath next, though the rhythms of drummer Patrick are as agitated and inventive as ever to provide an unpredictable frame which the guitars of George and Cody wrap in melodic radiance and magnetic temptation. Though its predecessor was more of a forceful proposition, the second song has a richer anthemic and dramatic air to its presence as it takes best song honours on the release. Its success is almost matched by Regrets Taste A Lot Like Hard Liquor, a song which goes for an again slightly more reserved cantor and punchy rhythmic enticing than those before it but crafts a masterful canvas for emotional hues and creative tenacity to colour. As all the tracks there is something familiar at work yet it is a refreshing and invigorating essence which only helps songs breed a strong and eager appetite for their offerings.

The same applies to The Bad Conversationalist, the final song on the EP. Right away there is something recognisable to the track but when it expels its emotive angst and tenacious enterprise there is predominantly a new and highly pleasing incitement for ears and thoughts. The bass of Jace though arguably less prominent with its lines compared to say the last track, brings a great depth of shadow to the fiery song, it just one of many elements reinforcing the growing strength of the band’s sound and songwriting.

Translucent is a strong and pleasing encounter, proving that though Look Alive’s sound may lack that uniqueness to push them far away from other similar propositions right now, with enjoyable offerings like this there will be no disinterest in waiting for that breakthrough.

The Translucent EP is available now via Autumn + Colour Records @ http://www.autumnandcolour.com/apparel/?c=look-alive#_=_


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