TIGERPUNCH to make the ‘Fight Of Your Life’, from 20th October‏

Tigerpunch Online Promo shot

Quirky Groove Rocksters ‘Tigerpunch’ have arrived and deliver a tasty offering for your consumption. The band release ‘Fight Of Your Life’ EP on Monday 20th October, through all national outlets.


Tigerpunch were spawned from the depths of Wolverhampton by brothers Rich and Jay, when, as they put it, “their dreams of becoming Pokémon Masters fell through”. Jay was drinking away his sorrows one night with ‘handsome man’ Rich when they discovered the brilliance of the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’. Much gibberish and dark rum ensued, and as soon as the word ‘Tigerpunch’ was uttered, the duo knew they’d found a band moniker that knocked out all others.


The pair delved deep and let creativity reign. Pooling from the heavy groove-rock godly exploits of Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine, and inspired by the beauty and guile of The Foo Fighters and Nirvana, Tigerpunch were born.


Late last summer, whilst sailing the seas of knowledge and nonsense (aka the internet), the two piece came in contact with former hitman and canoe enthusiast, Russell Latham, who came onboard and completed the team of heroes.


Now, as a perfectly formed trio, the band of merry men are travelling from town to town and are gathering pace as they win over audiences. Supports with I Am Giant have furthered their cause and ploy for world domination. So too has the recording of their debut EP ‘Fight Of Your Life’ which hits everywhere and anywhere this Autumn. With five stout cuts of buoyant rock groove that swing back and forth, from the infectious ‘My Pet Hate’ to the raucous beatings of ‘Serve The Freakshow’, the manly men from the West Midlands have a solid record in their hands. The threesome have further live shows mapped out for the rest of the year; be prepared to witness a show that’ll leave you inspired, overwhelmed and sexually confused.





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