Ten Percenter – I Could Never Say

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It might not be a release to blow you away but the I Could Never Say EP from UK alternative rockers Ten Percenter certainly leaves a warm satisfaction and happy appetite for the band and their mellow, melodically creative sound. Consisting of four tracks bringing variety and accomplished enterprise to bear on ears and thoughts, the release makes a strong slice of evidence of a band sculpting a potent presence.

Devon hailing Ten Percenter began in 2006, taking inspirations from the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Weezer, and Counting Crows into their ideation and sound. With four previous releases under their belt, the trio of brothers Jay and Thom Brown, two of the founding members of the band, and Mykel Heath have returned after a brief hiatus with a new clutch of songs, their own label, and a release which again marks the band out as one to watch. As mentioned the EP does not leave set a raging fire for alternative rock but will have it simmering feistily with a presence employing familiar essences for the genre but in a fresh and imaginative style.

The Neil Haynes produced EP opens with the keenly catchy title track, a song shimmering with elegant melodies and emotive vocals once it emerges from fiery riffs aligned to an instantly luring hook. It is a potent start which only adds to Ten Percenter Cover Artworkits enticement with the strong vocals of Jay and a melodic resourcefulness soaking every twist of the track. It does not challenge expectations but the recognisable flavouring of the song only adds richer hues to an ear and appetite pleasing encounter.

Everything about the song impresses, from individual skills and invention to the crystalline ambience of the song, but it lacks the last spark to set ablaze in imagination and passions. Its successor Against The Grain is similar in its individual presence. The vocals of Jay and Thom blend and unite with warmth and quality whilst again a melodic sultriness wraps every chord and hook with appealing endeavour. An inventive breath of keys also colours the song’s engaging canvas, their atmospheric and melodic hues providing further strength and character to a magnetic song.

The final two songs come from live session recordings and are just as potent, Let The Juice Flow especially gripping. Treating ears to a firm rhythmic shuffle and infectious hooks, the song flirts with the imagination instantly. A spicy melodic strand next entwines the listener, the guitar tempting with its acidic tone whilst vocals again offer enticing warmth to the increasingly gripping proposition. The track is the gem of the release, its reserved but open swagger and grunge like spicing all combining for a song you can only imagine being a fan favourite live.

Riot brings the EP to a close, the track a slower croon of an encounter which reveals more of the efficient and diverse songwriting within the band. It does not light up ears as swiftly as those before it but still grows to be a pleasing and strong offering.

Ten Percenter is still a band in the making but all the signs, going by their new release, are pointing to the emergence of another exciting band in the British alternative rock scene.

I Could Never Say… is available from October 6th on Rainwood Records digitally on all stores and on Ltd CD @ http://www.tenpercenter.co.uk/store.asp


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