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Hailing from the city of Busto Arsizio in Northern Italy, Warstorm is a young band which on the evidence of their new album, has all the makings of providing thrash metal with a new explosive character to hungrily devour. The band’s debut full-length Goatspel, is a raw and rebellious slab of metal voracity, an encounter loaded with potential which easily suggests healthy horizons for the quintet.

Formed in 2011 by bassist Federico Colombo and guitarist Lorenzo Gagliardi with the appetite to follow new thrash metal intentions, Warstorm swiftly became a threesome with the addition of drummer Davide Guzzetti. Completing the line-up with guitarist Enrico Giovinetti and vocalist Lorenzo Saccà a little after, the band recorded the Let The Warstorm Begin demo in their first year. This was followed by the last two members of the band leaving to be replaced by Andrea Collaro and Giorgio Ossola on drums and vocals respectively. Following further successful shows with the likes of with Irreverence, Vexed, Mesmerize, and Ultra-Violence, Warstorm entered the studio last year to work on their first album, its six tracks now unleashed to raise a keen appetite for the band and a suspected enthused reaction from the thrash metal scene.

Released via Earthquake Terror Noise, Goatspel opens with the excellent Checkmate for Mankind, an instantly forceful yet inviting entrance into the album. In no time feisty riffs and hungry rhythms are resourcefully filling ears as WarstormCoverthey swiftly establish a steady and eager charge which openly goes up in gears as the song reveals more of its contagious presence. A throaty bass tone adds underlying drama to the increasingly gripping excitement, its lure in full flight as the great punk vocal antagonism of Ossola belligerently erupts. Goatspel is a thrash record but immediately established by the opener, there is a definite potent punk rock tenacity and attitude to the encounter, the first track the most vocal of this welcome essence permeating the release. Striding and charging across its compelling presence, the track is a riveting treat which is also unafraid to explore its melodic corners with gentle elegance and depths with progressive colour and invention.

The exceptional start is followed and matched by the rampaging The Age of False Innocence, riffs and rhythms a predatory incitement from its first breath. As with its predecessor there is an inescapable virulence to the riffs and grooves of the track, its thrash urgency and voracity enslaving ears as the imagination is taken care of by the tantalising craft and enterprise of the guitar whose sonic seducing comes warped and discord blessed. The thrilling onslaught makes way for the similarly irresistible Cursed. Grooves as now expected cast a passions trapping web as soon as possible, and though arguably their lures and those of the ferocious riffery at times holds no surprises, it is hard to think of many same genre releases this year to enthral and tempt the passions as powerfully as Goatspel. A strong whisper of Slayer erupts across the song as a raw vocal attack from Ossola and guest Hyades rages impressively to add, alongside a funkier bass exploit and viciously grooved guitar invention, greater tempting bait for ears and appetite.

Both Relentless Possession and Pulse of Existence keep body and emotions aflame, the first a fiery torrent of thumping beats and unpredictable yet seductive grooves across feverish riffs whilst the second of the pair provides a slower and heavier stalking, though as expected it too finds a lease of urgency within its magnetic fury. The two tracks impress and thrill as thoroughly as those before them, each a merciless epidemic of attention grabbing and pleasure fuelling grooves aligned to biting inventive temptation.

The title track brings the album to a close, the song a ten minute creative emprise which seamlessly flows through progressive and melodic pastures into warlike thrash scenery before diving into even more exploratory textures and corners. The track is glorious, alone the revelation of the promise and ability of the band in songwriting, craft, and sound. As Goatspel, song and album, comes to a close it is hard to suppress the enthusiastic urge to shout loud about Warstorm and their future. It is only their first album and second release but as it is given more time to convince, it is impossible to deny that thrash metal has something special in its midst.

Goatspel is available now via Earthquake Terror Noise @ http://www.earthquaketerrornoise.com/releases.html


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