LOST GRAVITY release debut album on 13th October.‏

Lost Gravity Online Promo Shot

Hailing from London, Lost Gravity are quickly making new friends with their formidable sound that takes from the stout elements of Soundgarden and The Foo Fighters merged with the riff-creating sensibilities of Metallica. Rightly so, Lost Gravity have gained recognition for their energetic and noose-tight live shows. The UK noise beasts are now poised to up the ante with the national launch of their self-titled debut album, which is out Monday 13th October through all stores.


Formed mid-2007 by Brazilian born guitarist & vocalist, Breno Val, Lost Gravity have three self-financed and self-released EPs to their name: 2008’s ‘Anywhere But Home’, ‘Selfish’, which was released in 2009 and ‘Lost Gravity III’, which dropped in 2012. True to Breno’s DIY ethos, he set up his own label, Priston Records, which to date has been an ideal vehicle for the band’s releases. The label’s fourth release is Lost Gravity’s debut album which drops nationally this Autumn.


Originally a four piece unit, Lost Gravity had a glut of line-ups changes during their first few years. However, Breno has been the consistent and main creative force since the band’s formation, and to this day, he’s remained their primary songwriter. In 2012, the band paired down to a trio and installed Giuliano Kolling on the drums. Guiliano’s power and groove perfectly complimented the band’s sound and vision, and finally everything began to click into place for the power trio.


After a barrage of stunning live shows at the start of this year, the riff lords decided to lay down their debut album at the studio, and it’s a ferocious piece of modern rock ‘n’ roll. Stacked with ten killer tracks, the album has some true highlights from the snarly riff attack of ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, which slightly nods towards the Audioslave, to the crushing drive of ‘Back Where You Belong’ and the contagious appeal of ‘Selfish’. This record will shine brightly for any true rock fan.




http://www.lostgravity.co.uk/   |     https://www.facebook.com/lostgravityofficial



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