APHERIUM uncage ‘Neoteric’, on 22nd Sept‏

Apherium Online Promo Picture
Brit metal newcomers ‘Apherium’ are set to break with the national reboot of their new EP ‘Neoteric’, which drops in stores on Monday 22nd September.
Sounding like the backwater cousins of Bring Me The Horizon, Biffy Clyro and Midgar, Apherium have engineered a sound that merges hooky choruses with expansive and inventive guitar work, and a beefy rhythm section that will blow the roof right off. The South West riff slingers are braced to hit the road this Summer in support of their killer new record ‘Neoteric’.
Formed during their college days in 2011 and coming at you from Yeovil, Apherium soon forged a sturdy bond and quickly put out their debut album ‘The Cycle’ the following year. The album was a steep learning curve for the quartet, yet they soon discovered how to better cultivate their sound and reflect on their song writing. The melodic metallers reshaped their set during 2013 and began to spread their wings racking up a series of successful shows in London, Midlands, South Wales and throughout the South West. The band then bunkered down in preparation for their new EP, entitled ‘Neoteric’, which is slated for a reboot this September and is rammed with sonic sledgehammer fists-in-the-air choruses and explosive rhythms that promise to melt your ears.
The EP propels to life with the driving opener ‘New Light’, which boasts duelling guitar lines, magnificently layered vocals and progressive phrasing. The pounding groove and dynamic ‘Silver Tongues’ then comes over you with soaring riffs and a colossal refrain that will hang in the air for eons. The record soon presses on with ‘Angels Of Our Nature’, which twists and effortlessly gleams with true potency, before the brilliance of their past single ‘Shadows’ attacks your senses. Lastly, ‘Rise Again’ closes the EP, balancing melodic hooks with razor sharp riffery, as the cut draws proceedings to a fitting conclusion. With the national launch of the EP lined up for September, and the foursome ready to hit the UK with widespread touring, look out for extensive shows soon to be announced for the remainder of the year.


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