Teenage Wildlife – The Last Great Love Affair/ Most Beautiful Thing

photograph by John Wright

Teenage Wildlife is the musical project of renowned British film maker and photographer John Wright. Based in Shoreditch, the multi-instrumentalist has been making music for years alongside his visual work, creating pieces which have been used by Fendi and Dior whilst his photography has been employed by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Dior, GQ, Vanity Fair, and Sony Music. Wright created Teenage Wildlife for his musical side and expression whilst using the funds raised by this side of his talent to support charities that help underprivileged young people, the artist himself coming from a background which can be described as the same. September 1st saw the release of his new double A-sided single, The Last Great Love Affair/ Most Beautiful Thing, two melodically charming and electronically infused songs which without lighting fires make for a captivating and richly enjoyable proposition.

The Last Great Love Affair is a shimmering flight of melodies and soft vocals wrapped in a mesmeric embrace which either gently caresses ears or come in a feistier flame of enterprise. It is an instantly pleasing encounter, its electronic twists and temptation as intriguing as the mellow sounds hugging the senses. Warm and creatively smiling, the track is like a mix of Scritti Politti and China Crisis, a smouldering transfixing breeze which takes the imagination on an emotive summer cruise through melody coloured waters.

The accompanying Most Beautiful Thing, which is sung by an unnamed female vocalist, is a less mesmeric track but to be fair no less enticing for ears. Also carrying a gentle smouldering in its belly rather than a fire, the song is electronic pop and R&B rolled into a pleasing and elegant croon of sound and vocal emotion. Impressively crafted and gracefully attractive, the song merges jazz spiced keys and sultry melodies which in turn clasps the romantic tone of the vocals. It does not quite match the potency of The Last Great Love Affair but still leaves thoughts engrossed and satisfaction beaming.

Both songs intrigue and avoid simply feeding expectations to make for a release which does not startle but lingers welcomingly and rewardingly. With great causes also benefitting from the release, this is a single worthy of intensive attention.

Most Beautiful Thing/The Last Great Love Affair is available now @ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/most-beautiful-thing-last/id913694600




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