The Courtesans – Genius

Photo by Janet Reidman

Photo by Janet Reidman

A dark seduction which wraps ears and imagination in a sinister embrace of sultry pop beauty aligned to a doom bred haunting, Genius the debut single from UK quartet The Courtesans is a blissfully captivating introduction to the exciting London band. A flame of smouldering enterprise and magnetic elegance, the song bewitches from start to finish. It is a temptress of vocals and melodies aligned to a climactic heavier rock breath and alone a spark to want to know and hear much more of the band.

Formed in 2011 and consisting of vocalist Sinead La Bella, guitarist Saffire Sanchez, bassist Agnes D. Jones, and drummer Victoria Brown, The Courtesans explore the realms of eroticism, feminism, sexuality, passion, and equality amongst a host of inspirations in their songs. Ahead of their album 1917, the band’s new single makes the perfect temptation and awakening caress for their full-length proposition breeding an inevitable impatient anticpation of its delights.

From its first breath, Genius is coaxing ears with a peaceful yet humid atmosphere which soon boils up into a more intensive gothic kissed, doom bred climate. It remains an elegant start though; Sin’s vocal seducing an alluring welcome which also furthers the more haunted essence of the song. Through floating harmonies and emotive keys the song envelops and grows within the imagination. There is further drama too as the blossoming chorus provides a pungent sunspot of crystalline pop and evocative melodic colours within the more restrained but no less warm and emotionally humid landscape of the song.

Genius is a gorgeous slice of pop brewed melodic rock, a canvas employing an array of flavours to create a portrait of passion and emotive adventure. Roll on 1917 we say.

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  1. Hey thanks for nice review but we’ve never had song called webcam girl. ‘Genius’ is our debut single. Peace love and music

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