Twilightfall – The Energy Of Soul


An experience which leaves you in two minds about its impact and triumph yet embeds a compelling enticement in its wake which ensures you want more of its presence and adventure, The Energy Of Soul, the debut album from Ukrainians Twilightfall is a riveting and torrential onslaught of sound and ideation which can best be described as a maelstrom. It is not a release which lit a fire in the passions yet its invention and persistently alluring twists bred a hunger in an appetite for Melodic Death Metal which cannot be ignored.

The band’s sound is bred from the same well of imagination and hostile seduction which the likes of In Flames and Children Of Bodom have spawned their provocations yet there is plenty more to the album. Potent essences of thrash and black metal, as well as progressive tendencies all add to the thick and almost at times bedlamic voracity of the songs within The Energy Of Soul. The album unleashes its intent and relentlessly shifting enterprise with almost disorientating urgency and appetite which brings those somewhat confused reactions to its weight and fiery offering but all the time it is laying imaginative bait which easily draws thoughts and emotions back to its enthralling depths.

Twilightfall is the creation of guitarist Wortherax, a veteran of Ukraine metal scene with his most notable roots going back to death metal band Suppuration who he joined in 1993, a band which went on to evolve into the more renowned Nokturnal Mortums. The lead guitarist on the latter’s band’s seminal albums Lunar Poetry and Twilightfall, as well as performing session work on prominent releases from bands like Munruthel and Khors, Wortherax formed Twilightfall in 20112, adding guitarist Aywar, bassist Freyr, and drummer Odalv to the project.

Recorded last year and now released via Svarga Music, The Energy Of Soul takes little time in unveiling imagination awakening endeavour and intent as the title track sets the album off in rigorous motion. Guitars immediately are FrontCover1400pxbusying ears with aggressive riffs and sonic expression, aided by some equally magnetic strokes of keys. There is a portentous air to the track even with the swirling melodies and their rich poetic narratives which consume the senses just as eagerly as the sinew sculpted rhythms. The raw vocal growl of Wortherax makes a predatory tempering to the fluid revelry of the song yet it too has an enticement which only coaxes ears and appetite into the song’s web. As subsequently with all tracks attention is needed to define some of the evolving twists, hooks and grooves are open but soon lost from aural gaze as the next flood of adventure persistently soaks thoughts. The slow slip into gentle melodic scenery later in the track allows a breather, though it also lacks the spark of the landscape before and after it. It is still an enticing lead into a terrific climax of sonic temptation, a sizzling end to what is a heavily impressing song.

   Spirit Of Ancestors comes next riding a lumbering wave of rhythmic predation and dramatically fuelled keys with guitars matching their picturesque colour. It is not a startling start as with its predecessor but one which still holds attention, especially with the caustic rub of riffs and the now confidently striding drum swipes. We mentioned thrash elements to the band’s sound previously, not the most obvious of flavours across the album to be honest, but certainly here make for a cunning and infectious lure to the initial charge of the song. The move into a reserved flight of melodic and emotive endeavour has the opposite effect in its drive. It is beautifully and impressively crafted turn with the musicianship glorious at times, but loses the essence which initially gave the encounter the potential to be another highly scintillating proposition. Nevertheless the song is a commanding figure within the release and again has plenty to encourage constant investigation just like A Mirror Of Dreams And Reality. The third song is a similar merger of elegant melodies and hostile energies with arguably a more muscular intent and rabidity than on the previous songs. There is a devilish swagger to the track but also a darker attitude which shadows the intimidating hooks and seductive grooves which flirt within the tempestuous body of the song. Again there are moments where things make a less than impacting suasion yet times where the track strikes with pure brilliance to ultimately trigger a greed for more. The song is simply a cyclone of intensity and ingenuity which never gives ears and thoughts time to settle leading to, as the album overall, an undecided conclusion but one you want plenty more of to reach a decision.

From a definite highlight, the album dips into a more gothic breath with Welcome To New Day, its keys a shadowed drenched beauty paced by the guttural rapacity of the vocals, and the more classically cultured Your Chance. Whereas the first of the pair launches into a bordering on maniacal gait and urgency within its evocative emprise, its successor is a solemnly orchestrated incitement with flourishing melodies and provocatively shadowed textures. Both tracks continue the inescapable lure of the album yet again leaves questions and decisions to be e contemplated.

The album closes with the impassioned and dark breathed Go A Long Way To Each, its keys and melodies fuelled by an emotional cloud of again gothic sombre, and lastly the rabid ferocity and incendiary adventure of Storm, a track which lives up to its name in sound and creative turbulence as it brings another major moment for the release. The Energy of Soul is an album which you cannot pass by without finding its seeds and qualities have left a lingering tempting behind. Impressing more and more with each play whilst still not quite overturning any reservations it inspired early on, the album is a thoroughly captivating and enjoyable encounter from Twilightfall, a band impossible not to spawn a potent appetite for.

The Energy of Soul is available via Svarga Music now @!/~/product/category=3027770&id=37705371


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