Tree Dwellers – Midnight Sixteen

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After the release of their widely acclaimed debut single Come Up and See, Manchester duo Tree Dwellers provide another intriguing and captivating enticement in the shape of new song Midnight Sixteen. Brewed from the same striking and vibrant fusion of electronic endeavour with rock tenacity and funk revelry, the new single explores an even more immersive and suggestive landscape of sound to keep the imagination and satisfaction busy.

The father and son pairing of Mark and Jake Haslam, Tree Dwellers take their name from the mythical meaning of their surname “he who dwells beneath the bough of the Hazel Tree”. The duo spent five years honing their sound and experimentation and swiftly earned eager responses and attention with the aforementioned debut Come Up and See. That and the new track shows an intricacy and care which openly reflects the time the band spends on their creativity, each texture and layer set within and given the most potent and expressive colouring aligned to adhesive infectiousness.

Midnight Sixteen opens with a percussive dance which instantly recruits ears and thoughts, its shuffling revelry swiftly joined by a melodic coaxing of guitar and a vocal sample. The track soon immerses the imagination in a night lit adventure, sonic colours and melodies drawing in the imagination and senses as crisp rhythms and provocative keys accentuate a vivacious glide around a social hive of activity. It is a piece which can be interpreted with a new slant every time but always the song sweeps emotions up in a refreshing and vibrant enterprise which reflects a fascinating landscape of sound, life, and emotion.

If pinched to make a choice Come Up And See provides the strongest contagious bait out of the two singles but Midnight Sixteen pushes the emergence and creative adventure of Tree Dwellers into another enthralling and richly pleasing proposition of its own, an incitement which has ears and appetite licking their lips greedily.

Midnight Sixteen is available now.


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