Cox – Come Here Alive EP


Still revelling in the attention across social networks which their debut single Save Me spawned, Russian alternative rock band Cox recently unveiled their first EP. Consisting of four songs which caress and inflame ears and emotions, Come Here Alive continues the impressive emergence of the Moscow quintet. It is a transfixing encounter, not one particularly setting out a strikingly original adventure but without doubt a proposition to potently awaken keen appetites for the band’s sound. Indeed listening to the EP it is not surprising that one song caught the attention and appetite of a swiftly growing audience, and easy with the potential shown to see the band making the next step into a greater intensive spotlight.

Come Here Alive opens with its title track, a song which initially casts an electronic mist and almost melancholic atmosphere upon ears within which instantly impressing vocals powerfully begin the track’s narrative. Riffs and Coverrhythms soon impose their weight and hunger on proceedings, as does the deliciously throated bass and its dramatic tone. Instead of diving into even darker textures as expected, the song seamlessly turns to flirting with the senses through a flume of melodic rock and pop infectiousness. It is a stirring revelry to spark the emotions but one still perfectly tempered by that underlying predatory bass presence. As the track flames with sonic endeavour and melodic enterprise, the skill and passion of the band, as well as invention, is an open and thoroughly impressing lure.

To be honest the first track is as good as it gets but only because it is that pungently gripping and exhilarating. The following Wind Goes In Circles brings a sturdier presence and sound but wraps it in another fluid weave of sonic invention and vocal expression. Fiery melodies soak the shadowed spine of the track with their enticing poise too but it is the potent vocals which impress the most on another strongly impacting song. It does lack that incendiary spark of contagion which blazed in its predecessor but still provides a fine feast for an emerging hunger for the EP which is emulated by next up Dead For Me. The third track steadies its energy for a darker footed emotive croon, yet still has a swing and lightness to its gait and sound which easily seduces intrigue. Once again the craft of the individuals impresses as they cast an atmospheric and intensely coloured emotive soar which immerses everything from ears through to reflective feelings. It is a glorious firm kiss of a song, the one which does seriously rival the plateau of the opener.

The release ends with What About Love, a piano graced power ballad where the familiarity of the band’s sound goes into overload, so much so that initially we were searching to see if it was a cover. All the same it is a thick and appealing song which is impossible to tear attention away from; an intensive conclusion to a great release.

Cox has some way to go to hone a truly distinct voice to their music but it is something you would not bet against them succeeding with and if they continue to make statements as pleasing and magnetic as this, there will be few complaints along their certain ascent.

The Come Here Alive EP is available now!


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