Best Not Broken – Falling In EP

Best Not Broken

A virulently contagious and warm adventure to infect ears and feet right through to a swiftly bred appetite for its magnetic sounds, the Falling In EP from US alternative rock/pop band Best Not Broken is a perpetual party to romp with. Casting a fluid and compelling mix of power pop, melodic rock, and new wave vivacity over intimate yet world embracing lyrical reflections, the release is a captivating excitement and even as our introduction to the band easily shows why the New Hampshire trio has earned a fine and keenly supported presence at home.

Consisting of five vibrantly enticing songs, the EP firmly puts the Manchester threesome of Eric Jackson (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Nik Farr (guitar, backing vocals, programming), and Carlo Carluccio (drums, percussion) on attention’s radar. Formed in 2007, Best Not Broken has grown from a local favourite into one of the more exciting and spotlighted emerging bands in the Northeast of America. Sharing stages with the likes of Jason Derulo and Matt Nathanson has only increased their reputation whilst their 2012 debut EP, Somewhere Good which was produced by Boston music legend David Minehan, pushed the band into a wider arena. Falling In now threatens to take Best Not Broken before the gaze of their widest audience yet and with its invigorating quintet of stirring songs, it is hard to expect anything less than a new tide of fans embracing the band’s incendiary sound.

The potent lure of the release ensnares ears right away as first track I Won’t Stop Loving You confidently sidles in with a melodic haze from which jagged coaxing riffs emerge. It is a quickly binding persuasion which only accentuates the tempting with strong vocals and harmonies alongside gentle yet incisive melodic exploration. The song as it infuses dramatically vocal hooks and smoothly flowing enterprise across its evolving body grows in strength and suasion. Every one of its twists is a delicious spice to the full-bodied slice of rock pop with an eighties seeding, thoughts of Lightning Seeds and Modern English and on the electronic side which also works impressively on the ears, Paul Haig coming to bear on thoughts.

It is a very potent start soon reinforced by the following Breaking My Heart, another track happy to almost amble through ears whilst expelling impossibly infectious hooks and warm hearted melodies. Again that older seeding Best Not Broken coverblossoms within the masterful caress of heat induced melodic and vocal expression, as well as essences which reminds of The Super Happy Fun Club and at times Weezer. Irresistibly enthralling with a punchy weight to its rhythms which only accentuates its anthemic bait, the song smoulders and glides engagingly into the passions from start to finish before making way for the balladry of Listerine. From slow reflective opening vocals surrounded by a sultry atmosphere, the track sways with an increased energy and emotive flame as the guitars and keys shower ears with an evocative cascade of aural tenderness with dramatic pronunciation. As its predecessor, the song is unstoppable in its intensive persuasion and provocative colour.

Tell Me That You Want Me opens up with a wash of sonic hues clad in a Latin temperament before throwing on an eighties synth pop cloak of mesmeric melodies and hypnotic enticing. It is soon working on feet and hips, baiting their resistance to join its enthused swagger with an epidemically cast electro tempting. As with most songs there is a definite familiarity to the offering which only adds to the fullness of its insatiable allurement. The encounter has lungs breathless and feet flagging by the end of its romp, though there is no time to draw breath as the excellent Anarchy is there right away manipulating things like a devilish puppeteer. With reggae spawned guitar stabs and a great dark bass lure, the song strolls with eager revelry under an electro bred sunset. The song continues to keenly but gently entice until exploding with its ravenous pop infused chorus, a quite impossible to resist contagion It is a glorious end to a great release, a final slice of potent rock ‘n’ roll which leaves a lingering toxin for band and EP in thoughts and passions.

If you wanted to be over critical than a lack of originality to the songs would be the only comment but such their superbly crafted and infectious might it barely registers as feet and emotions dance to the EP’s tune. Whether Falling In will make Best Not Broken a household name outside of the US is debatable but it has certainly laid down powerful seeds to that eventual outcome.

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