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UK band SevenDaze does not make an introduction with their debut self-titled EP which inspires a shouting from the rooftops about their emerging presence but they certainly grab plenty of attention with their six track entrance. Merging flavoursome essences of nu-metal and melodic rock with a punk causticity, the release tantalises and awakens an appetite for the band’s partly familiar and partly original sound. Formed in 2009, the Midlands quartet has earned a potent fanbase and reputation and it is easy to hear why through their first release, especially when songs like The Doubt stir up ears and emotions with a contagious and feisty weave of intensive riffs and rhythms aligned to virulent melodies and hooks.

Hailing from Birmingham, SevenDaze began with three school friends Kenny Jones (vocals), Brett Hill (bass), and Mike Cook (guitar). With Jamie Price Gould (drums) completing the line-up, the band was soon casting a keenly devoured live presence locally, moving out across the UK, with their Deftones, Linkin Park, and Finch inspired sound. Last year saw the four-piece hit the studio to record their debut, a striking and weighty slab of metal infused rock ‘n’ roll which is hard to ignore. Soaked in a raw production which does not give the songs the fullness they deserve but allows the songwriting and craft of the band to stand out and make its compelling declaration, the EP is a compelling entrance from a band you feel you have to keep a close ear upon.

Opener Unforgiven provides an immediate blaze of cantankerous rhythms and rapacious riffs entwined with acidic grooves and sonic bait. Soon joined by the solid tones of Jones, the track takes little time in filling ears and thoughts with a sizeable weight and pungent wall of intriguing sound. As mentioned earlier, it is not forging new discoveries but it is a sound and release which has little difficulty engaging with imagination and emotions through a captivating tempest of passion driven enterprise. There is a small but agreeable feeling of Rueben to the first track too as it flexes sinews and melodic ideation to give the release a very potent start.

That strong beginning is soon cemented by All About You and its rich temptation of seductive melodic coaxing and vocal incitement. SevenDaze Cover ArtworkSoon filling its walls with a lure of fiery sonics, commanding rhythms, and adventurous endeavour, the track sets down another impressive enticement. The mix of throaty bass tempting and guitar imagination sets keen ears whilst a sense of Spineshank spices up the not exactly dramatically gripping but indeed thoroughly enjoyable proposition before the rawer Crash Learn Burn adds its almost brawling incitement to the experience. Not quite matching the success of its predecessor, the track blends a predominantly understated roar with a melodic and lyrically persuasive coaxing which easily occupies attention.

The release hits its pinnacle with The Doubt, a track which from its initial sway of sonic colour and rhythmic patience makes a mesmeric suasion to seduce attention and a raise a greedy hunger. Like a mix of Alien Ant Farm and Papa Roach with strong whisper of Mudvayne, band and song twist and flirt with thoughts and passions relentlessly. The stalking rhythms of Price Gould frame the abrasing yet seducing invention of Cook whilst the dark predacious tones of Hill’s stringed prowl provide an evocative canvas to the unfussy but expressive delivery of Jones, he aided by some great raucous growls. It is an excellent track which though suffering a less explosive lull midway, reveals plenty more of the invention and potential of Seven Daze before making way for the just as persuasive Hard. More restrained in many ways than other tracks but with a melodic flaming which potently lights up ears and thoughts, the song brews an emotive balladry courted by a fiery energy, to further the intrigue and increasingly growing appetite towards the EP.

Ending with a more than decent cover of Adele’s song Set Fire To Rain, the EP is a dynamic and enthralling prelude to a suspected strong and successful career for SevenDaze. It does not quite bust into life as at times expected or hoped, apart from that one track, but is persistent in its magnetic and highly pleasing first enticement to warrant plenty of attention now and for the band ahead.

The self-released SevenDaze EP is available now.


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