Pigeon Lake – Confrontation


Ahead of debut album Tales of a Madman, set to be unleashed on August 15th, Norwegian band Pigeon Lake unleash their new single Confrontation, a track which takes little time in raising a greedy anticipation for its full-length source. To be honest we like so many have a constant state of hunger for the band and its incendiary sound since the release of the I: Mindrape EP of 2012, but thanks to the new incitement there is greater appetite involved ahead of what promises to be a powerful encounter.

Formed in 2011, Pigeon Lake has drawn strong acclaim for their fusion of hard rock and rapacious metal with just as flavoursome essences of pop and blues rock. It is a dramatic combination which from their live performances and the EP alone makes a lingering and richly contagious proposition. Playing over forty shows in two years, the Oslo quartet is a force on the march which on the evidence of Confrontation is ready to raise the ante.

Massive bold rhythms set things off, their weight and hypnotic coaxing instantly bracing and anthemic. It is not long before the thumping beats of Andreas Prestby are courted by a sonic whisper which in turn spreads into an intriguing web of guitar instigated by Magnus Engemoen and Christopher Schackt, the latter’s vocals just as swiftly entering the brewing maelstrom of persuasion. There is a portentous air to the sinewed driven incitement too, one which breeds a more aggressive rapaciousness which flows as the song expands its narrative and presence. Having sculpted walls and intent, melodies seduce from the fingers of Engemoen, their elegant lure matching the constantly expressive and potent vocals of Schackt. It is a union which makes an evocative painting within the formidable rhythmically framed sonic canvas pushed to new threat by bassist Anders Børresen. Emotions continue to croon and rage across the body of the track, the music equally adventurous and unsettled in its predation and beauty. The song also sparks the imagination to suggest that the song is one moment in a challenging and rigorously provocative concept or theme raging through the upcoming Tales of a Madman, another exciting thought.

Band and song continue to push and seduce senses and thoughts across its intensive landscape, a distinct invention and rabidity peculiar to Pigeon Lake raising further the power and riveting captivation of the single. Though just one song to go by, there also feels like a darker intensity and voracity is soaking the band’s evolving sound yet not enough to defuse the virulence of the grooves and the infectious magnetism the band so skilfully conjure. Pigeon Lake is growing into a real force within metal/rock bred exploration whilst Confrontation is an enthralling bruising and seducing which just makes the impending Tales of a Madman an even more highly anticipated prospect. In a few weeks will see if it lives up to these new expectations, it is already hard to doubt its success though.

Confrontation is available on Friday 20th June



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