Villiers – The Dancer


    The Dancer is the new single from UK rock band Villiers, a song which embraces sounds of the eighties in modern evocative textures. It is a striking if not startling introduction to the Lancashire trio, one which strengthens its magnetism and fascination over each play whilst parading a rich potential and potent craft which only engages thoughts and an early appetite for the band’s horizons.

Villiers came to be in 2011, taking influences from the likes of New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen into their ideation with lyrical inspirations come from dystopian writers such as J.G Ballard and George Orwell. A trio of EPs, Light the Fuse, Into the Haze, and VLRS have drawn acclaim and attention the way of the band whilst live Villiers has equally enhanced their statue and reputation in support and headlining shows as well as a successful appearance at BeatHerder alongside Clean Bandit, TOY, Temples, Chic ft Nile Rodgers and Groove Armada last year. The Dancer makes the next intriguing step in the ascent of Dan Earnshaw (vocals/bass/synths), Ben Earnshaw (vocals/guitar/synths), and Daniel Buckle (drums/percussion), one sure to draw new fans and voices their way.

Shadows and moody textures wrap around ears from the first breath of the song, their dark caress instantly reminding of John Foxx and in villiers covermany ways OMD. It is a strongly emotive electronic mist which envelops the imagination, sparking emotions as it persists in charming and provoking the senses through the heart of the song. Vocally the band is expressive singularly and with choice harmonies but it is the slowly swirling electronic wash and tender guitar temptation which steals the passions most potently.

The track does not ignite at times as you expect or delve into the darkest melancholic depths as also assumed occasionally, but glides gracefully on an even keel across its poetic landscape. To be honest a twist into one of the more extreme premises would have stirred up a welcome fire but with a wonderful resonance to the rhythms and drama to the track as a whole it is hard to be critical or any more demanding

Also holding essences of Editors and The Cure in its provocative body, The Dancer is another promising and appealing step in the emergence of Villiers, one of many more to come we are sure.

The Dancer is out 16th June on Jack to Phono Records


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