The Sons – Relic

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Relic is the new melancholically embraced single from UK band The Sons, a song which caresses ears in reflective words and melodies aligned to a subtlety of drama which captivates across the track’s ebbing and flowing breath. Taken from their March released third album Heading Into Land, the band’s new single is an encounter which from being simply pleasing evolves into a quite mesmeric and persistently lingering proposition.

Hailing from Derby, the quintet of Paul Herron (vocals, piano, guitar), Steven Herron (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Roger Millichamp (drums), Stewart English (vocals, guitar), Lee Blades (vocals, bass) has made a strong continually growing impression with their highly flavoursome and vibrantly designed sound since forming in 2002. Taking inspirations from the likes of Crowded House, Wilco, Paul Simon, and Fleetwood Mac, the band also enhanced their reputation through debut album Visiting Hours of 2007 and its successor The Prime Words Committee four years later. Having extensively toured the UK and Europe across their years, The Sons set about funding their third album with a Kickstarter campaign in late 2012. Though over £11,500 was pledged by fans the band failed to reach their target, to which the band tried again with their own home-grown crowd-funding campaign. Raising even more money this time around, thanks to innovative rewards, the band hit the studio last year, emerging with the eagerly received Heading Into Land.

Relic follows the first single from the album, Death Love Money, reinforcing its lure and temptation into the arms of the album. The new release opens on a gentle swing of emotive keys, subtle groaning bass, and swiftly after the great expressive voice of Paul Herron. From its first evocative seizure of ears and imagination, the song is a captivating caress, an essence of Elton John playing with senses as the potent vocals and keys reflect. It is a very decent opening, if a little underwhelming initially, but as the song explores its emotions and narratives it evolves into a riveting smouldering of creative enterprise and mouthwatering imagination. Intrigue and invention sculpted crescendos erupt within the song whilst a melodic mystique similarly seduces with its irresistible design. It is a glorious twist in the evocative stroll of the song, one accentuated by the slower passages of just voice, keys, and emotion.

The song is a vibrant and enthralling brew of indie, folk, and alternative rock honed into an infectious web of incitement distinct to The Sons. Once it has unveiled its poetic bait it is hard to not imagine a wealth of new attentive focus finding the band, as with us; keenly exploring band and album. Sometimes it needs just one song to open up a new greedy appetite and Relic certainly is thrilling proof.

Relic is released on Monday 9th June 2014 as a digital download.


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