Triggerman – Origins, Lost Travellers & Rock & Roll Heaven

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You are always guaranteed irrepressible heavyweight riffs and intensely thunderous rhythms from a Triggerman release as well as grievously gravelly vocals which provide the icing on the muscular cake. To date you are also sure of a proposition which leaves appetite and passions full, something new EP Origins, Lost Travellers & Rock & Roll Heaven breeds in cavernous depths. The three track release is a monster of an incitement, unleashing all that makes the Northern Ireland riff warriors rigorously magnetic and unforgettable whilst twisting in new strains and exploits in to its plentiful bounty.

Hailing from Derry, the quartet of Bap (vocals, guitar), Niall (guitar), Rory (drums), Dixie (bass), follow up their exceptional Hail To The River Gods album with another sizeable homage to the riff. The riff is king and Triggerman its unrelenting champion which as ever is vigorously proven on the new EP. Formed in 2002, the band has been a heavyweight protagonist from day one, their first album Brand New Day in 2010 an acclaimed introduction which Hail To The River Gods took to another level and depth of spotlight two years later. Converging rapacious metal and the heaviest of ferocious rock into their memorably distinct rampancy, an onslaught carved with spicy grooves and melodic toxins, Triggerman has shaped their finest moment yet with the new EP, a release already sparking greedy impatience inside for their next provocation.

From the first breath of opener Origin Of Man, incredibly chunky riffs are gnawing at welcoming ears before being swiftly assisted by lashes of sonic enticement and sinewed rhythms. Once in full swing the track strides purposefully as Bap uncages the lyrical premise of the song with his unique tones, the beginnings of man and the disputing of Darwin and his theories unveiled. With a tongue firmly lodged or not, the narrative has a resourcefulness and swagger to match the bold enticement of the track. Across its delicious lures, riffs chug with enterprise and melodies in their most acidic form entwined with spicy stoner seeded grooves which enslave imagination and appetite. At its core Rory beats out an inescapable trap whilst the heavily throated bass call created by Dixie simply enthrals and ignites the primitive antagonist inside. It is a glorious start and return by the band, a song showing an even greater maturity in design and adventure than the last release without losing the core essence which makes Triggerman one of a kind.

The Lazarushian swiftly follows and is instantly embracing the senses in a spellbinding sonic lasso of melodic endeavour which once established in thought and hunger relaxes into a virulently infectious canter around the next turn of the EP’s venture. Niall creates an instinctive seduction with his enthralling designs around the strolling lyrical premise from Bap, beats matching the gait of the vocals whilst the bass shapes imposing shadows to add captivating textures and depths to the riveting canvas. Across its full scenic adventure, both Bap and Niall create a thrilling web with their guitar enterprise, reinforcing the open evidence that the band is much more than just about an allegiance to the riff.

The closing Valhalla stomps from its first second with a raw glaze and addictive temptation to its riffs and hooks, the track arguably closer to the last album than the other pair of songs but still shaping a fresh twist in the creative evolution of band and sound within the release. The track roams ears and imagination with a more straightforward suasion than elsewhere until igniting with a blaze of stoner metal flames and sonic invention to bring a thrilling release to a masterful captivating close.

Looking at the start, uncompromising middle, and departure of life lyrically, Origins, Lost Travellers & Rock & Roll Heaven is an exceptional new incitement from a band which should have its name spoken alongside the likes of Svolk, Black Tusk, and Red Fang from now on in. Triggerman have always been setting standards to match the names of heavy rock and metal but now they run the risk of being a template for new bands.

The self-released Origins, Lost Travellers & Rock & Roll Heaven is available now digitally from the usual suspects and on CD from


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