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Though not particularly deeply versed in the sounds and passion of UK alternative rock band InMe, respect and intrigue for their propositions is never a shy interest here if one which rarely burns to be unleashed at times. The band’s acclaimed 2012 album The Pride certainly tested that restraint it is fair to say but no so much as The Destinations EP, their new four track incitement. The release as its predecessor is a Pledge Music funded encounter and also as the last a striking and highly evocative encounter pointing to as is the norm with the band’s endeavours, new twists and adventures to their creativity and sound.

With five highly successful albums under their belt and hordes of hit singles with a constant flurry of acclaimed shows and festival appearances alongside, many bands might be taking their foot off the creative accelerator but as evidenced by The Pride and now The Destinations, InMe just push it harder to the floor. Their mix of melodic and emotive rock within expansive progressive and potently expressive landscapes constantly grow broader whilst delving deeper into the hearts and passions of the Brentwood quartet’s songwriting and thoughts, reaching certainly for us a new intensity with their latest EP.

   Pelorus Jack launches at ears first with the unavoidable InMe sound feeding expectations but just as swiftly there is a stronger urgency inme-destinations1and design in the passion and fire of the song. Whether this is because they are not a stable want on our playlists or there is something spicily new brewing in the heart of the band fans will be able to tell but the song definitely hits with a fresh gusto of emotion and presence which grips straight away. The vocals of Dave McPherson take little time to wrap thoughts in reflection and expressive angst whilst his and the guitar of Gazz Marlow are soon enticing with sturdy riffs and bewitching sonic enterprise. Add the crisp sinewed beats of Simon Taylor and the throaty bass suasion of Greg McPherson, his vocals adding to the richness of song and atmosphere, and you have another striking and impressively stirring InMe encounter. Striding with emotional nostrils flaring as rhythms carve out the route which the guitars colour with imagination capturing hues, the song bulges with melodic and emotional emprise that engulfs and spellbinds ears and passions.

It is a glorious track matched by the equally masterful and magnetic Anthemusa. Its entrance is a sultry enveloping of smouldering melodies and firm beats drawn into the arms of the wonderfully strained and distinct tones of Dave. There is a simmering discord too which teases all aspects of the song initially, a bewitching twang which seduces without restraint warming up the imagination for the rigorously anthemic stroll and call of the chorus. The track continues to flicker and sway before the senses, coaxing and fingering their resistance ready for those climatic expulsions of the infection drenched chorus. It is a superb incitement which stands at the peak of the EP though its predecessor and the next up Driftwood Figurines, brings a challenge each and every time there is an undertaking across The Destinations. The third song smells of drama and emotive weight from its first second; sturdy chords, rigid riffs, and imposing rhythms the first cupping of ears before the song relaxes with a constantly meandering groove and scythes of intensity. That seamless reserve dips into an even deeper emotive caress before thrusts of incendiary passion and fire bred sonics converge into one highly contagious and anthemic blaze. It is a deceptively infectious and catchy encounter within a wall of heart bred intensity vocally and musically, and quite irresistible.

The closing Beached Whales does not quite induce the same richness of ardour and the unbridled thrills of the others but with its poetic vivacious melodies and undiluted passion in sound and the ever earnest vocals, it is a deliciously smouldering persuasion which invades mind and heart with greater fervour and success over time. The song is a satisfying just not exciting conclusion to an otherwise insatiably gripping encounter. Whether it is InMe at their best yet we will leaves others to decide but with the release enjoyably compelling and masterfully fascinating, the foursome for us is definitely at the top of their game.

The Destinations EP is available worldwide from June 1st, details of InMe’s new online store @


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