Them Guilty Aces – Nude In The Moonlight


The thought of a curvy naked body under the stars will send most of our imaginations into rapture providing they fall within certain boundaries. With that criteria met it is an adventure all would embrace with relish especially if it is under the soundtrack of US rockers Them Guilty Aces and their new EP Nude In The Moonlight. A magnetic encounter with a sextet of songs which seduce and thrill through a blend of rockabilly and fifties rock ‘n’ roll, the release is a captivating croon from a band you can easily assume is feverishly supported back home in Chicago. The EP shows that they are now ready to please and entertain a wider audience, its vintage yet vivacious modern endeavour prize bait to take into an expanded spotlight.

Consisting of guitarist/lead vocalist Daniel Cruz, one of the band founders, guitarist Jared Sorkin (AKA Dick Tremolo), drummer Victor Aguirre, and bassist Jesus Segura, Them Guilty Aces wear the influences to their sound openly within their songs but as mentioned it comes with a valid twist which makes their music stand out as a real proposition in the modern climate of the genres they frequent. As evidenced by the EP there is not a snarl to their sound which admittedly just once or twice would be a wish within the songs, but there is a definite intent and invention at large which is able to stir up the appetite of those basking in and those not necessarily concerned with nostalgia.

The release opens with Blackjack Baby and instantly a seductive groove with a sexy twang is wrapping teasingly around the ears. The 8616721guitar sculpting is an irresistible hook which has imagination and emotions on their feet within seconds keen and ready for the swiftly joining stroll of throaty bass and crisp rhythms. A melodic surf wave ebbs and flows across this potent landscape to add rich colour to the scenery whilst the sultry tones of Cruz lays further evocative hues into the picture. It is a virulently infectious proposition which washes over ears and thoughts like a romancing exotic temptress dressed in fifties intimacy.

The song is an excellent introduction to the band and right away impressively backed by the following and similarly persuasive Crash N Burn. Holding darker colouring to its ambience and punchier rhythms, the song sways and swerves with sonic flames and blazing crescendos within another smouldering terrain of emotive heat and torrid contagion. Its gait is reserved and energy restrained but the track still boils up the atmosphere for a deliciously sweltering climate of sound and emotion crafted by riveting guitar painting and bass shadowing within the mesmeric caress of vibrant vocals.

The following Cherry Pop next coaxes attention with an authentic sixties lure of guitar, an enticement which recalls the likes of Del Shannon and Bobby Rydell. A pop essence seeps from every ear kissing note and syllable but once the passionate rock heart erupts within the rise in vocal delivery, the track expands into an enveloping wash of senses sparking flirtation. The song does not match the might and suasion of its predecessors it has to be admitted, sounding a little pale against their strengths, but it still makes for a strongly pleasing and absorbing hug.

The title track pounces next with its eager rhythmic dance and romping bass design beneath fiery and skilful guitar revelry. Its quickstep induces rapid submission and agitation in the feet and passions, taking the body on an eager hop with its only issue being it is far too short, so much so that even big boys do not have time to get out of breath. Despite that it is the perfect tease and incitement to confirm listing Them Guilty Aces under essential rock ‘n’ roll prospects.

The EP is completed by the firstly the wickedly enthralling Please Don’t Go, the song another transfixing croon musically and vocally, and lastly the mischievous Guilty Girl with its devilish hooks and highly tempting grooves. The pair ensures that Nude In The Moonlight is a lingering toxin in memory and imagination. It would be fair to say that at times there seems a spark missing to songs, whether that is production or in presentation; an ignition to the greater triumphs which you can sense and feel are lying in wait within the impressive tracks. It makes no real difference to the excellent release though and only makes Them Guilty Aces an even more exciting prospect ahead as they continue to develop.

Nude In The Moonlight is available now!


RingMaster 08/05/2014

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