Marley Blandford – Feel The Rain

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Nineteen and already inspiring a healthy buzz with his sound through his previous unveilings, British singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Marley Blandford now unleashes new single Feel The Rain, and though it is only one song and our first introduction to the Portsmouth hailing musician, it is easy to see why loud whispers are brewing up about his talent. The release is an enchanting warm fusion of indie pop and folk rock with reggae colour, a mix which saunters and smoulders across the senses and imagination like a summer sunset over emotively exotic scenery. It seduces and dances with the emotions and though we often prefer a riot to a love-in, it is hard not to be immersed in the single’s imaginative embrace.

With inspirations from the likes of Cas Haley, Sting, The Police, Ben Howard, and John Mayer spicing his creativity, Blandford first made an impression with his live performances and subsequent the single Midnight To Paris which came out last year. It led to a new wealth of attention and acclaim upon the artist with Roger Pope, the session drummer for Elton John who sadly passed away last year, describing Blandford as “the most talented young songwriter I have ever heard”. A recent appearance of a charming acapella take on Pharell Williams’ Happy drew an eager spotlight upon Blandford which the new single, taken from his debut album Shine On, is sure to build on. Featuring, as the album, brass arrangements from Martyn Ford (Of Led Zeppelin, Elton John, The Beatles) and guest musicians Jamie Talbot, Mike Lovatt, and Richard Edwards who provide captivating blazes of brass, the song is a delight as it caresses the imagination.

The opening guitar coaxing is instantly magnetic, it’s evocative plucking a sure lure swiftly accentuated and inflamed by the sultry tones of Blandford. His voice kisses the air, syllables floating down upon ears with an open radiance as expressive mellowness coats the surrounding words in a seductive yet feistily vivacious character even when his voice smooches with the senses. With those elements alone the song would be a treat but add the glorious flames of brass and the keen stroll of the song which develops across its body the track easily slips into the imagination and emotions. A great design of guitar enterprise and emotive trumpet only add to the rich potency of the song but truthfully it is the voice of Blandford which brings it all together for a highly satisfying temptation.

It is hard not to have a sense of anticipation for the forthcoming album after Feel The Rain. The single may be does not light a major fire in the appetite for its arrival but certainly it has it simmering nicely whilst the ears feast on a thoroughly enjoyable appetiser.

Feel The Rain is available via Silentrooms Records on May 5th.


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