Month: May 2014

Morbid Slaughter – Wicca

On the evidence of their new 7” vinyl release, there is something definitely compelling about being examined by the exacting thrash fuelled black metal malevolence of Peruvian metallers Morbid Slaughter. They have a sound which is vociferously raw and rigorously… Read More ›

Hollow – Mordrake

There are some debut albums which impress, some which raise a depth of excitement sparking a long term connection, and then there are some like Mordrake from Canadian death metallers Hollow which simply have you shouting feverishly from the rooftops…. Read More ›

Scourge – Hate Metal

Driving imagination and emotions into the darkest pestilential depths of hell and extreme metal, Brazilian death metallers Scourge unleash their new merciless and ravenous incitement in the venomous shape of Hate Metal. Eight tracks of unbridled filth clad hostility and… Read More ›

Ashura – Mindhood

If you are looking for something not especially original but is thrash metal in its most exciting and virulently contagious form then checking out Italian metallers Ashura and their debut album Mindhood is a must. Consisting of eight tracks which… Read More ›