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Hailing out of New Jersey, Ender is a new proposition to us but one on the suggestion of their new EP Descolada thatis sure to have an eager following in their homeland. Consisting of four tracks which are as voraciously intensive as they are aggressively magnetic, the release is an attention grabbing encounter which soon has imagination and passions enlisted to its annihilatory provocation. Fusing metal with a healthy spite of hardcore, plenty of other loud whispers of styles engaged too, the release presents sound and songs which are not exactly openly original but do have a vein of ingenuity and imagination which instantly pulls a spotlight upon the band.

Formed in the May of 2009, Ender took little time in recording a debut demo before unleashing their live presence on their DIY three week The Bootyshorts And V-Necks Tour. In no time they were growing a potent fanbase around their home state, which the Bergen County quintet gave an extra spark to after a slight line-up change with their first EP. Released via Florida-based Eulogy Recordings, This Is Revenge made a sizeable mark with its release in 2010, an unleashing further supported by headlining tours either side of its release where the band shared stages with the likes of Float Face Down, Of Salt And Swine, Timelines, and Above All Fallen. The past few years has seen Ender strike further across the US, touring with bands such as Destruction Of A King, Catalepsy, Demolisher, and Legion. The new release sees the return of vocalist Joe Benducci, who left the band for a couple of years, alongside guitarists Sal Latrenta and Casey Conlon, bassist Mark Costa, and drummer Danny Lavarco. It is a formidable and gripping antagonist, a proposition rippling with the potential that could and should see Ender become a noted name well away from their country’s borders.

The self-released EP opens with Stunner and instantly coats ears and thoughts with an intrigue of guitar, its singular strain of almost DescoladaFrontmelancholic coaxing winding respectfully around the senses. Its lure is soon swamped by a weighty intensity steered by hellacious rhythms, savage riffs, and equally ferocious and compelling vocals. It is a staggering confrontation lyrically and aurally, enough for knees to buckle before its savage breath but a tempest which infuses a bewitching sonic enterprise within the storm. The band list Meshuggah and Korn in their likes and a union of the two in many way best describes the impressive opener.

The following Neuralyzer gives no respite, immediately seizing the now tenderised senses and treating them to a concentrated tsunami of barbarous rhythms and predacious riffery. Like its predecessor the track is an uncompromising and unrelenting corrosion but also like the first it pierces the intensive examination with fiery grooves, abrasing vocal variation, and sonic twists which never leaves a second as merely a savagely single minded persuasion. Though less immediate then the first track, it weaves and flirts with an addictive invention which only ignites the imagination further, its atmospheric and evocative textures colouring the thought provoking insurgency of word and sound.

Buhguul permeates ears and synapses next, its sonic irritancy a beguiling lead into the caustic passion of the song and its matching destructively honed sound. The guitars stir up air and anthemic bait with their twisted grooves and virulent riffs, both designs stalked with primal intent by the dark tones of bass and horde like rhythms. The vocals as ever come with their own malicious defiance and accusation, Benducci an imposing instigator of threat and intimidation able to command proceedings whether the song is in unbridled rage or as to the climax of the third song laying an uncluttered web of emotive manipulation. Lyrically song and release also show no restraint in their anger, each track violently honing in on personal or the widest targets with no mercy or olive branch offered, truth and reality the overriding intent.

The closing Pieces Of Silver is monstrous, the most brutal predator of the release, every flex of muscle, each twist of sonic ideation, and all warped vindictive grooves nasty and virulently riveting. The track brawls and bruises relentlessly, suffering its instinctive drive but again the band surprise and engross with swipes of striking unpredictability and fascinating imagination within the torturous incitement, though it is much more subtler than in the previous trio of songs.

Descolada is a thrilling and powerful encounter from a band ready to break out into the widest world of metal. Certainly their sound is poised and though there are many bands sculpting similar furies, Ender has a prowess and invention which promises to truly set them apart in a crowded world if given the chance.

The self-released Descolada is available @ http://endermetalnj.bandcamp.com/album/descolada now!



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