Morass Of Molasses – Ashtabula


Following the success of their debut single Rotten Teeth, its equally devoured video, and an acclaimed BBC Introducing headline slot at The Oakford Social in Reading, UK riff sculptors Morass of Molasses unleash their second single Ashtabula. The track shows another side to the Reading based trio, exploring a livelier swagger and expressive energy, not forgetting sonic intrigue compared to the heavy predatory weight and stance of its predecessor. The song also equals the potent temptation and impressive creativity of the first single before taking it to new infectious levels easily showing why the track has become a fan favourite in the band’s live shows.

Approaching the end of its first year of existence, Morass of Molasses has become one of the most highly anticipated and intensively imposing rock bands to emerge in the UK, their sludge fuelled, stoner coloured dirty rock ‘n’ roll garnering praise and fevered attention from fans and the critical media alike. The threesome of baritone guitarist/vocalist Bones, guitarist Phil, and drummer Chris, have become an eagerly sought after focus for a growing horde of passions which the new single can only fuel further. As mentioned it offers a distinct new character to their sound; band founder Bones commenting on the track recently saying, “This song has seen many evolutions, but now rests as a firm favourite with the crowd during our live set “, also revealing that “For those who like to delve deeper we will be releasing a studio-shot video to accompany this very soon

Ashtabula initially lays down a sonic mist where from within firstly the guitar of Phil begins casting a precise and intriguing design soon joined by the crisp rhythms of Chris and the dark throaty tones of Bones’ strings. It is an imposing and engaging start which the band, with the same unpredictability which marks their first single, takes into a magnetically unexpected stance of expressive vocals over a restrained and earthy ambience. A mighty stab of drums sparks intensively weighted riffing to show their persuasion, speared and entwined by delicious and skilfully sculpted sonic flames. Yet again it is only one movement in the journey of the song, searing melodic toxicity and sonic rapaciousness spellbinding senses and imagination subsequently whilst the expressive growls of Bones push the dark lyrical shadows and investigation deeper.

The track is a scintillating fire with contagious sinews and addictively grooved temptation, another aspect to the face of the band’s songwriting and invention and a leap forward in sound and craft from their outstanding debut.

Available as a ‘Pay what you want’ Download from the single is the next mighty and striking step in the rise of Morass Of Molasses, a band with the potential to bring British heavy rock dramatic and new inspirational adventures.

Upcoming gig dates for Morass Of Molasses

Wednesday 9th April – The Boileroom, Guildford

Saturday 12th April – Upstairs At The Garage, London

Sunday 13th April – The Facebar, Reading

Thursday 1st May – The Registry, Portsmouth Friday


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