Titans & Kings – Set Fire To The Night

titans and kings

Creating a feisty and energetic blend of eighties hard and modern alternative rock with extra pleasing spices, UK rock band Titans & Kings is an encounter impossible not to develop an eager appetite for, especially taking new single Set Fire To The Night as the doorway into their fiery sound. The band has been earning strong praise and attention over recent months and it is not hard to see why using the single as evidence. The song does suggest that the London quartet is still defining their musical voice and uniqueness but that just adds that little bit more spice to the promise within the already accomplished and engaging encounter.

Set Fire To The Night follows the well-received recent release of the Hold Your Tongue EP as well as the success of the band’s first Titans & Kings - Set Fire to The Night (iTunes Artwork) (1)UK tour they have just completed. Recorded at Freefall Studios, the single leaves no riff bred beckoning and melodic enticement at home, the song from its first moments a riotous and agreeably anthemic proposition. It plays like Jimmy Eats World meets Black Stone Cherry with the fire of Buckcherry involved, though there is more to it than that. The song emerges from a distant blaze of guitar on a drum thumping before relaxing with muscles still flexed into an embrace of melodic endeavour and sonic enterprise. Once the vocals begin their narrative, aligned to the great throaty bass skirting, an eighties rock essence washes over the imagination. It is a pleasing if undemanding coaxing which recruits full attention; jagged riffs and entwining melodies adding to the bait of the song.

There is a definite familiarity to the track too which makes it simply over friendly rather than a replica of something else but it is the constantly evolving and emerging imagination of the band which steals the spotlight, twists in ideas, gait, and energy an exciting unpredictable enticement. That recognisable element of the song fuels the thought that Titans & Kings is still searching for their distinctive flavour but equally with its inventive exploration the single provides proof that something individual to the band is coming to push a sound which is already a mouthwatering suasion on ears and emotions.

It is fair to say that Set Fire To The Night will not be the song that sets your year alight but it certainly given the chance will warm it up quite nicely as Titans & Kings continue their increasingly impressive way to that incendiary event they seemingly have the potential to create. For vivacious rock ‘n’ roll Set Fire To The Night is well worth romping with.



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