Harper – Feel So Hollow

Photography by Luke Weall

Photography by Luke Weall

     Offering a sultry climate within which a blues bred persuasion takes the imagination on a keen yet subdued stroll, Feel So Hollow the new single from UK rockers Harper, is a magnetic encounter which awakens appetite and intrigue for the accomplished quartet. Only the second release from a band less than a year old, the single declares its creators a proposition well worth watching closely.

    Hailing from East London and Essex, Harper bring a fusion of blues and alternative rock to the ears, a sound which has already bred an eager response and following through the band’s appetite for gigging. The summer of 2013 saw the release of their debut, the Drawing Blood EP. It was a release which was soaked in promise and gave a potent invitation and indication of what the band was all about. Feel So Hollow is a stronger declaration, a big step forward which retains the potential and qualities of its predecessor but stretches and presents them with a greater maturity and open invention. Recorded near the end of last year in drummer Toby Thacker’s home studio, the single lights up senses and emotions; it still suggests there is plenty more to come from the band too but strongly hints that Harper’s horizons are going to be eventful and potent for them and us.

     The opening twang of guitar awakens song and attention, instantly bringing thoughts alive with its smouldering evocative a3159707955_2embrace especially when the dark tones of bass from Jamie Simpson begins prowling the scenery too. The crisp slow jabs of Thacker are an equally compelling lure as the song wraps blues drenched atmospheric tendrils around the senses. Vocally guitarist Matthew Broadbent, like the music, takes his time delivering the pungent textures of the narrative whilst Daniel Bhattacharya’s guitar skill designs a web of sonic enterprise around them adding further engaging enticement from the song. It is a minimalistic presence that is offered but one with layers of adventure and almost cinematic colour which spark the body and effect of the proposition to greater heights. Increasingly addictive the more you plunge into its immersive bordering on psychedelic tones, the single is a quite riveting suasion.

    There is a definite Black Keys feel to the song too which is not a bad thing, a flavoursome spice to use whilst the band evolves their own truly unique sound ahead, something you feel is already coming. The production is good without giving the track the strongest opportunity to shine in greater potency, the union of vocals and music especially not as smooth and equal as it could be, but it cannot deny a great song and performance from making a compelling statement. Harper is a vibrant and exciting prospect which Feel So Hollow makes an impressive and rigorously pleasing invitation to. Do not take our word for it though simply grab the song as a Buy Now name your price download below for proof.




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