Deathcrush – Lesson #16 For Beatmaster V /Fun


 Photo: Anne Irgens.

Photo: Anne Irgens.

   Deathcrush is one of those encounters for which anarchy and rebellion was invented so their riotous sounds could soundtrack their landscapes. The Norwegian tempest of noise and rhythmic antagonism has anthemic toxicity running through their veins, a seductive poison which enflames and invigorates their sounds, and thus all those eagerly submissive hearts coming across them. March 17th sees the release of the band’s new single, Lesson #16 for Beatmaster / Fun; a slice of incitement which ignites the imagination and riles up the body. The track is maybe their biggest and baddest yet, certainly their most wickedly compelling and deliciously mischievous, and one more slap around the senses from one of the most exciting new bands around.

   It was Lesson #13 For Nanker Phelge / Fire, a flexi disc double poster magazine debut single early in 2013, which put the music world on alert over the Oslo trio but their following Skool’s In 12” later in the year which really sparked an almost lustful intrigue and appetite for Deathcrush from the music scene. The four track temptress with devilishly seductive and merciless infectious weaponry in its hands ignited media and fan attention instantly, its raucous and contagious noise rock a feisty provocateur for the imagination. To be fair the band was already firing up passions before any release; shows and tours as well as festival appearances at the likes of Roskilde, Øya, and Way Out West drawing strong attentive gazes as the band shared stages with bands such as Battles, Melt-Banana, Vivian Girls, Sleigh Bells, Trentemøller, and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

    Recorded with Jørgen Træen (Datarock, Annie, Sondre Lerche), Lesson #16 For Beatmaster V /Fun sees the threesome of a0417735420_2vocalist/guitarist Linn Nystadnes, bassist/vocalist Åse Røyset, and vocalist/drummer Vidar Evensen in devilish mood from its opening seconds. Militant beats and antagonistic riffs immediately seize the ears whilst the vocals of Nystadnes accompanied by Røyset, add seduction laced with equally unmistakable intimidation. The rhythms of Evensen stomp and threaten with inviting revelry and predacious hunger whilst the guitar and bass cast a psyche infecting web of adventure and rapacious stalking respectively which is impossible to resist. There is the rawness to the proposition too which marked previous songs and again here adds an extra abrasive aspect to the song intensifying the menace and anthem clad lure of the involvement.

   A puppeteer for feet, arms, and emotions, the track is noise alchemy; a devil spawned maelstrom with aligning clarity and venomous provocation uniting for a primal antagonistic waltz. With further tracks recorded with Billy Anderson (Swans, Melvins, Mr. Bungle) and currently in the mixing hands of Nystadnes waiting to infect the world as well as an equally dramatic video for the new single, which has been selected for the Berlin Independent Film Festival, Deathcrush is well into their ascent towards world domination. It will be a dangerous and imposing ride for us all but a hell of a hellacious thrill too as shown by Lesson #16 For Beatmaster V /Fun…bring it on we say.


RingMaster 16/03/2014

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