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      Merging the sounds of classic and modern rock into a very solid and appetising debut EP, UK band Alexis Kings have marked themselves as a very promising and engaging proposition. The Keep It Sexy EP consists of two tracks which spark strong interest and over time greater enthusiasm for their offerings and whilst neither sets a fire burning in the belly of passions, they both confirm that this is one exciting band on the ascent.

   Formed in 2010 and hailing from St Albans, Alexis Kings is made up by vocalist/guitarist Brendan Aherne and lead guitarist Sam Privett, two musicians coming together through a love for rock and especially that of the classic kind. Playing extensively across the London area the duo has built a strong and keen following, selling out the likes of The Camden Barfly, St Albans The Horn, Camden Enterprise, and Nambucca along the way and supporting bands such as The Happy Monday’s and Futureproof. Inspiration from artists such as The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin through to modern bands like Kings Of Leon and Arctic Monkeys have spiced their sound, a resourceful flavour which brews a pleasing and enterprising persuasion within their new release and shows why they have already drawn positive attention.

   1972 starts things off; it’s opening wail around portentous beats a sinister beckoning eventually tempered by a warm and Alexis Kings Cover Artworkenticing guitar hook alongside the distinctive vocals of Aherne. The song is soon walking through the ear guided by the continuing to allure groove and firm rhythms. The song does not exactly plod along but certainly it has no appetite to raise any frantic energy in its bluesy almost melancholic gait. Despite that the song still makes a compelling if not striking engagement with the guitar craft of the pair especially magnetic bait in a strong and satisfying song.

    Its companion is a much lively and more impressive encounter; Brothers exceeding the more than decent start as and the band throws off some of their previous restraint. As the first, the track almost ambles into view but soon targets the imagination with another tempting groove in tandem with agitated rhythms and expressive vocals. The song leaps and dances around the ears with a rabidity which transfers to the earnest vocals and the melodic endeavour. It reveals that Arctic Monkeys influence mentioned previously quite pungently but with more than enough imagination and a distinct Alexis Kings twist to easily please even those not real fans of the Alex Turner led band. With also a potent classic rock breath and melodic rock punch, the song easily outweighs its predecessor in sound and presence, confirming and stretching further the promise of the band.

    Keep It Sexy is not a release to open major doors for the band just yet but easily one to recruit a new wealth of attention and hunger for their presence whilst providing a strong base for Alexis Kings to push on from. It is safe to say that we will be hearing much more from this potential drenched band and sooner rather than later hopefully.


RingMaster 10/03/2014

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