Entrails – Berzerk

Entrails - Berzerk

    As Swedish death metallers Entrails work on the creation of their next full-length ferocity of terror, the band unleash new single Berzerk, to temper the anticipation and fill the gap to their future expulsion of distinct old school ruin. Consisting of two prime pestilential tracks, the 7” comes swiftly after the band’s split release with Graveyard in January via War Anthem Records. As mentioned it comes as a break in the preparations of Entrails next full onslaught, the band explaining “With a small sidestep from our work in the massive rehearsals for the new album we decided to do a halfway release. The new song ‘Berzerk’ is a straight forward fist of fury and Death metal terror, with some eerie elements. It’s a natural step from our latest album ‘Raging Death’.  It will also appear on the next long player, slightly different in every term as this single was recorded and mixed by Jimmy in Entrails own studio.”

      After the success and power of last album Raging Death last year, it did not take long for anticipation to rear its greedy head for more of the evolving potency and adventure of the band, something Berzerk brings a small and potent meal for. From the opening caustic claws of sonic predation and rhythmic provocation, Berzerk stalks and pressures the senses, sizing them up before the ever vindictive growls of Joakim Svensson abrase with a malevolent narrative and unforgiving squall. The guitars of Jimmy Lundqvist and Pontus Samuelsson snarl and ravage from their first note too but equally as the song submerges into a haunting dark ambience, they entice and seduce with unfussy lures for a precise coaxing. Constantly driven by the antagonistic beats of Adde Mitroulis alongside the prowling rapacious throat of Svensson’s bass, the song is soon returning its voracious jaws and energy upon its prey as the track comes to an uncompromising finale. It is hard to say that there is anything dramatically new from that shown on the last album but certainly you can feel and hear sonic fingers and drifting shadows looking towards stretching the band’s existing boundaries.

    The second song on the single is a cover of the Heavy Load track Dreaming. Entrails take it through their own dark toxicity and instinctive aggressiveness, giving the track a new aspect to explore and enjoy. Though not as impacting as the title track, the song makes a worthy addition to the release and the attention of the listener, the band’s craft and sonic cynicism something different and more intimidatingly intriguing than the original.

    Production wise the release does feel more like a demo which is no real issue, its sound dense without the dangerous spark you expect from the band but with the album yet to near the recording stages you get the impression that certainly Berzerk has a little more to find and give before its appearance on the full-length. Nevertheless the Metal Blade Records released single provides a satisfying and tempting snack as we wait for the next scourge from the band.



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