Haarts – Seasons Change



     Confirming their impressive introduction though their well-received debut single Article Way and the following Spitting Image release, UK indie rock band Haarts unveil new song Seasons Change, another entrancing encounter reinforcing and extending the emerging potency of the band. Like its predecessors, the band’ third single seduces rather than seizes the imagination, making an intrigue coated persuasion which almost licks and smooches the listener into submission as it builds a fiery brew of emotive intensity.

     The Cumbria hailing Haarts since forming, the members meeting at secondary school, has continued to build a potently ascending presence and reputation, earning their merits through an array of live shows and performances locally, including recently supporting The Boomtown Rats. This strong tempting of fans and passions has equally worked on the media through their releases, regular radio attention locally and nationally matching responses of the underground media.

    Produced by Gavin Monaghan, Seasons Change almost ambles into view, a simmering ambience wrapping the ears as a guitar begins the evocative narrative of the song. The distinctive tones of vocalist Philip Hampson as on previous songs, provides a riveting presence and texture within the stirring craft and depth of the sound. A rhythmic recruitment of the emotions also begins its seductive work coaxing and punctuating the expressively brewing and widening melodic atmosphere. There is a dramatic heart to the song which leans agreeably on every aspect of the track and though it never exactly explodes into life, Seasons Change envelops and involves everything from ears to thoughts, senses to emotions in its brooding breath and intensive passion.

    The single does not quite match the heights of the previous two releases but with the individual craft of the band members uniting for an enthralling design showing the further depth and width to the songwriting and sound of Haarts, the song reaffirms all the startling promise already unveiled by the band. Seasons Change is simply further proof of a band undoubtedly going places.



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