Miserable Failure – Hope



    French grindcore band Miserable Failure first came to and viciously gripped our attention as part of Miserable Fucking Society, a three way split with Infected Society and F Stands For Fuck You. All of the bands stood out but in hindsight it was this Marseille quartet which left the richest lingering toxin in the emotions. The band now unleashes their new EP Hope, a release easily reinforcing a rising appetite for their brand of angry vitriolic confrontation. Released like the split via Kaotoxin Records, Hope provides four furies lasting a combined four minutes to excite and stimulate, the songs shards of sonic spite piercing and scarring the senses with lethal and pleasing venom.

    The Blueprints of Self Disgust initially unleashes a squall of guitar noise around a spoken sample to start things off. It is not long though before the ferocious rhythmic battering of drummer Elvis Jagger Abdul Jabbar is blasting through the ears within the equally violent sonic outpouring from guitarist Rom Sanchez. It is a corrosive rage of viciousness matched by the acidically abrasive squalls of vocalist Bleu, he a tempest alone squealing and spewing out lyrical venom with unbridled intensity and passion. Throughout the onslaught a groove links it all, forging a mutual course for every aspect of the song which the throaty basslines from John Culbuto embrace and entwine around its own distinctive temptation.

    It is an impressive start, if a blink and you miss it confrontation like all the tracks, and instantly matched by the acid dripping 760137627326_TOX034_Miserable-Failure_Artwork_600x600punishment of One More Reason to set This World on Fire. The blaze is a tart and castigating protagonist again with pressing grooves and infectious hooks adding their fleeting bait within a scorching rant of noise. Like its predecessor the song seizes a full submission which Goodbye & Good Riddance next abuses and complements with its distinctive and imaginative outpouring. Offering miniature breaks for a vocal and rhythmic beckoning to spark the primal instincts, the track scores and flails ears and beyond to take best songs honours.

   That is until the closing This World Ain’t Mine steps up and whilst eyeballing the listener flares up and uncages a bawling torrent of hook entwined sonic discipline. There is a swagger and bounce to the track which adds to its conviction and contagion, though as always it comes in a form as surly and acrimonious as the straight out scorn of the song.

     Hope is a thoroughly exciting and thrilling encounter, though whether the tracks hang around long enough to really fire up the imagination can be debated. The fact that we have been continually invigorated by its tirade across plays well into double figures since receiving it probably answers that. Miserable Failure are maybe yet to sculpt something which thrusts the band away from other genre bands but you sense they are well on the way whilst providing a full and lingering pleasure at the same time. Released as a free download for a limited time, Hope is an intrusion well worth losing your well-being over.




RingMaster 28/02/2014

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