Atacama Death Experience – Wasted Time And Broken Bones



     Like being drawn into the darkest dirtiest cess pool you can imagine and subsequently fighting against suffocation, listening to Wasted Time And Broken Bones the debut EP from Italian metallers Atacama Death Experience is an experience to fear but equally hanker after, its intimate intrusive violation comforting in a perverse kind of way. Consisting of four unrelenting fusions of doom and sludge metal with healthy, or should that be unhealthy, essences of crust, the encounter is an intensive corruption to introduce a striking and promising band by. With a sound tagged as nihilistic blues, the EP immerses the listener into a vat of pestilential ravishment, a debilitating swamp of riffs and grooves with more physical distortions than residents frequenting The Hills Have Eyes. It is certainly not a comfortable or merciful listen but one which is undoubtedly frighteningly compelling and intriguingly satisfying.

    Atacama Death Experience consists of bassist vocalist Romano Monero and drummer Antonio Iodice, the pair coming together in 2013. Combining and creating a monstrously striking and rewarding encounter from just bass and drums is not a first, Morkobot one impressive example, but the Rovereto hailing duo twist that union into a carnivorous and carnal sonic consumption of the senses which stands apart from most other similar two pronged invention. Wrapping lyrical themes of decay, anarchy, and drug experiences in this destructive provocation of sound, the Cimmerian Shade Recordings released Wasted Time And Broken Bones is simply a scourge but one which constantly you just want that little more of time and time again.

    Fleece Of Time starts things off with a savage appetite and presence; rhythms casting an iron clad net as the bass tones abrase WTBB_Coverand scour the senses trapped within. To say there is a scuzz bred sound to the bass comes nowhere near the reality, its throat and voice a demonic drone of noise and malevolence twisting riffs and grooves into one venomous and riveting malefaction. This infringement on sanity and peace is matched by the grizzly malicious vocal squalls of Monero, a union which converges on their victims with rapaciousness as hungry and unrelenting as a tsunami. The track is the hardest most brutal on the release but within its brawling maelstrom the rhythms of Iodice entice whilst repetitive grooves and hooks tease as they threaten to show their faces.

    The following Useless Blues opens with a swagger of a groove as psychedelic whispers drift across its brewing seduction. It is not long before that temptation takes a full and contagious flight with the drums in close and appealing attendance. The intensity and devastating oppression of the first song is reined in upon its successor, though intimidation and spite are never far from the vocals and the acid lined burn of a groove coring its infectious bait. Though from the same breeding, the song is openly diverse from its predecessor instantly showing variety and depth to the creativity and noise making of the band, next up Rotten Clouds offering yet another example though on the surface it feels closely related to the second song. Lumbering in its stalking of the senses, its sludge driven intensity and doom soaked breath like tar around the ears. The song again has a swagger or honest confidence to its gait which easily enthrals the imagination whilst bursts of frantic grooving and rhythmic explosiveness only add to the enjoyable onslaught inspiring a definite eager appetite to devour this enterprising animosity.

     Whereas Wasted Time And Broken Bones opened on its most difficult moment, the first track one to have newcomers fleeing from or embracing its ruinous presence, the title track leaves it on its loftiest plateau. Shamanic vocal calls and handclaps resound around the ears and senses setting things off unpredictably before the bass almost creeps into the mix and unveils a ridiculously addictive groove, its appeal soon matched by the rhythmic adventure of Iodice. With cleaner vocals opening up the lyrical narrative before the ignition of a furnace of energy and sonic heat, the track proceeds to unleash a continually inventive and twisting predation which snarls, savages, and seduces for the strongest irresistible part of the release.

    Wasted Time And Broken Bones is a startling entrance from Atacama Death Experience, one leaving good and less favourable scars but an introduction which gets better and stronger through each track whilst suggesting that the Italian band is a provocation to keep firmly on the radar.


RingMaster 27/02/2014

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  1. Atacama Death Experience: “…a vat of pestilential ravishment, a debilitating swamp of riffs and grooves…” | Cimmerian Shade Recordings

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