Spewtilator – Goathrower


    If a scourge of any descript, be it human, natural, or emotional, ever needed a band to soundtrack its devastation than US death thrashers Spewtilator would be the perfect candidates to provide it. Their sound is as pestilential and vicious as any plague and just as virulently addictive, the evidence no more forcibly shown than on new EP Goathrower. Released on Valentines Day, the five track sonic spillage of malevolence and brutality takes no prisoners, a brew of thrash and death metal cast in a grindcore grip fuelling its rampage whilst leaving lingering scars and a depth of satisfaction and enjoyment which on the surface you would not imagine possible. It is a challenge not all will embrace to be honest, a spiteful fury most will cower from but for others the EP is a reason to spit blood every morning.

   Formed in 2007, the Atlanta trio has scarred plenty of psyches since their opening attack in the Thrash N Splash demo of 2009. The two EPs Get Conjured and the acclaimed Inhale Awaits of 2010 and 2012 respectively, marked the band out for attention from a rising blood lusting fanbase whilst a split with Death Of Kings called Total East Coast Devastation and another with Coffin Dust on Ancient Rites of Getting Conjured, the two released either side of their last EP, only reinforced their specific and unique sonic savagery in the larger scheme of death/thrash metal and grindcore. Goathrower is the band at its most vicious, furious, and compelling, an onslaught which leaves senses bruised and satisfaction heavily indulging in the peculiar toxicity of Spewtilator.

    The title track assaults first; a raw and abrasive intensity aligned to an equally caustic sound smothers the ears whilst a thrash Spewtilator_LoRezstride of riffs charges head on into a brewing cloud of death metal malevolence. It is a stirring and almost anthemic mix of provocation which grows in antagonism and strength as guitars throw spears of sonic endeavour and a varied vocal delivery bruises the senses. The production of the EP is as coarse and punishing as the songs to accentuate their vicious and squalling sonic bluster. The opener is a riling and rousing start which is soon matched by the following Cherokee Curse, the track another scathing fury of sound and emotion. Holding an even greater hardcore vitriol to vocals and its punk thrash core, the track is unafraid to test the listener and stretch its remit, a classic metal surge vocally and musically spewing from within a tempestuously blackened maelstrom of intent.

     Both songs provide bait hard to resist even if it comes in an uncomfortable and uncompromising tempest. That satisfying confrontation is soon matched by Cave of Hatred, though at only twenty seven seconds long it does not have time to improve or damage anything if we are truthful. Nevertheless the storm is a corrosive intimidation which leaves just that little more pleasure in its brief wake, something Afterworld Inebriation provides in greater depth and scale next. The best track on the EP, it has a swagger and groove beneath what is another tirade of venomous vocals and sonic devastation driven by a rhythmic voracity. It is masterful siege of grindcore and death thrash hostility moulded into a contagious strength sapping grudge.

     Fifty odd seconds of hardcore and thrash spawned virulence in the pestilent shape of Let’s Get Drugs concludes the Boris Records released Goathrower, another raging proposition which will ignite or disturb your emotions  depending how Spewtilator take you. If their kind of venom is to your taste than definitely the new release is them at their finest malicious yet and well worth taking a beating from.




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