King Midas – You Know My Name


     Ahead of the UK release of their new album Rosso on March 3rd, Norwegian electronic art-rock outfit King Midas unleash the second single from the impending release in the magnetic shape of You Know My Name. The Fysisk Format released invitation into the band’s sixth album consists of three songs rich in eighties breath and melodic dance, a tempting which is very hard not to be hooked by. Rosso has already won a nomination for ‘Best Rock Album’ at the prestigious Spellemann Awards, dubbed as the Norwegian Grammys, and you can suspect you know why taking the new single as evidence.

      An immediate funk swagger breaks out within the electronic pop caress of You Know My Name, the lively and eager pulse of the song invigorating further an already vibrant and seductive breeze of sound. The smooth vocals soon lie their enticing textures on the welcoming lure of sound with that mentioned eighties synth pop breath making the strongest temptation. Thoughts of Blancmange and Heaven 17 spring up as the song continues with its sultry embrace whilst the jazzy croons of brass adds emotive fire and beauty to the lingering treat. It is a song which increases its potency with each play, merging nostalgia and refreshing modern invention in one pleasing melodic romp.

   The single is accompanied by firstly new song ColorSound, a more shadowed and pressing electronic narrative with a darker emotive depth and melancholic kiss to its synth pop weave. As the first, there is a strong familiarity to the track reaching back those decades which stops both from making startling statements on the passions but ultimately like its predecessor it ignites those flavours and essences into something magnetically pleasing.

   Finished by a more than decent remix by minimal-house duo Ost & Kjex of last year’s single Snow, an interpretation which also offers a stronger persuasion over numerous listens, the single is an easy to devour and enjoyable teaser for the new album. King Midas has returned from six years of silence in fine and tantalising form with their singles and album, and though You Know My Name is not breaking down barriers it undoubtedly gives some tasty food for thought with a new look at an arguably already well fed recipe.


RingMaster 10/02/2014

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