Depths. – We Love, We Lose, We Break


Emotionally potent and unmistakeably passionate We Love, We Lose, We Break the new single from Belgian post hardcore band Depths. is an encounter which easily suggests that this is a band to keep a close eye on. Their chosen genre is a proposition which to be truthful can leave the emotions lukewarm just as often as it ignites them, bands often seemingly reworking a formula and presence well established. Depths. skilfully sculpts the latter reactions with their two track offering. Certainly they are not the finished article but with two songs drenched in open craft, a variation of flavours, and deep promise the single makes an enjoyable declaration that they are on the right path.

      Formed in 2010 by two members of Carrying My Burdens which had just spilt up, Depths. were soon writing songs whilst bringing a full line-up together. Hailing from Eeklo, the band went through a slight personnel change before releasing debut EP Past/Present in 2011. Well received it was a potent first step which the new Flood Hardcore released single reinforces and extends. The pair of songs on the single are emotionally turbulent lyrically but wrapped in a sound which though doused in melancholic atmosphere raises hope and passion clad beauty within the situation. It is a thoughtful and provocative mix, occasionally clashing maybe but persistently enthralling and pleasingly enterprising.

     We Love, We Lose, We Break opens things up with a delicious solo guitar coaxing. It provides one of those riveting and cover_front_1000pxaddictive temptations which cannot fail to make strong bait, its lean melody beckoning ears and imagination with an almost poetic lure. The persistent call is soon joined by brief rallies of rhythms from drummer Ebert with the second guitar of Thomas joining Stijn in that initial irresistible temptation. It is an emotive wash with the darker tones of Frederic’s bass especially potent. Vocalist Olivier next steps forward to unleash his angst driven almost exhaustive tones, his initial contact at odds with the softer sounds but the great incitement to their own raising of intensity and energy. The fiery crescendo makes way for melodic hues to again paint their reflective thoughts before returning for a heated powerful climax. It is an impressive slice of drama which gets better and stronger with every listen, proving irrefutable evidence that the band has an indefinable something many other post hardcore provocateurs lack.

     Second song Alone and Forsaken also makes a commanding compelling entrance, a controlled bass groan and roaming rhythms immediately seizing attention and sparking the appetite. Their suasion continues as melodies wash warmly over the ears as the caustic delivery of Olivier riles the air and uncages the strongest emotions and abrasive textures. The guitars paint their own earnest and sinew driven inventive narrative upon the hypnotic rhythmic canvas to support and stand distinctly at angles to the vocals raging with lyrical sorrow and emotional struggle above them. Though not as open as its predecessor the track equally provides unchallenged satisfaction over numerous encounters and completes an accomplished and potential clad release.

     There is little to raise up against We Love, We Lose, We Break in negativity though a slight variation in the vocal delivery would be a suggestion as at times especially in the title track, Olivier’s fine but abrasive delivery clashed with the thrilling melodic textures and emotional elegance of the music. Also there were moments where it seemed like the band held back on their invention so as not to threaten the balance of the songs and that adventure would be pleasing to see stretched further. Nevertheless the single is a clear and powerful musical statement from a band which has an impressive future waiting if they wish.


RingMaster 10/01/2014

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