Perversity – Infamy Divine

     photo-perversityEntering their fourteenth year Slovakian death metal band Perversity is still awaiting that big step into world awareness but has definitely taken a strong and potent swipe at it with new EP Infamy Divine. Six tracks of death metal brutality infiltrated with an invention and melodic tempting which helps guide each track through the ears as adventurous and magnetic confrontations, the release is the witness to a band who has crafted and honed their sound over two decades into an imaginative and uncompromising aural malevolence.

     Perversity was formed in 1995 as a straight death metal band by vocalist Martin Marincak and guitarist Jozef Kosc. Their first two demos, The Embarrassed and Personal in 1997 and 1999 respectively, firmly placed the band in the death metal underground, both whetting plenty of appetite amongst fans and the scene as a whole. From debut album In The Garment Of Lust in 2003 the Prešov band has unleashed three albums, Words Like Poison (2004), Beyond the Reach of Heaven (2008), and Ablaze (2011), all to strong receptions as well as a compilation album and a further demo. Over the same years Perversity has also been through numerous line-up changes and an evolution in their sound moving to a brutal textured incitement and presence. Now with vocalist Juraj Handzus, bassist Slavomir Koval, drummer Peter Jakubik, and guitarist Martin Calko who joined the band just in December, alongside remaining founder Kosc, Perversity is look primed to take things to another level, the Lavadome Productions released Infamy Divine the powerful next step.

     Thumping beats split the air as first track Vermin makes its initial steps before erupting in the ear. Within moments it 1479468_10152130311524228_481101832_nstretches to full height with a dramatic sonic narrative speared by intimidating riffs and an intensifying rhythmic bombardment. It is a towering entrance, demanding and commanding attention with confidence and ease before relaxing into a scourge like onslaught which ravenously consumes the senses whilst dangling a tempting groove and slithers of inventive melodic teasing from within the pestilential ravishing. The drums of Jakubik are especially potent but equally the guitar play and rapacious bass lines around the caustic vocals squalls of Handzus are lingeringly magnetic. The track as shown in hindsight by the rest of the release is straightforward in many ways but fully satisfying and sets the EP off to an imposing start.

    The following Angel Of Prostitution is a formidable back-up, vocals malevolently spilling bile from every gruffly delivered word as rhythms barrack the senses and guitars spark acrid flames of sonic enterprise within the smothering intensity. Not quite as explosive and riveting as the opener the song still grips with intrigue and vicious predation as it stalks and pesters the senses. Its fade-out is a little annoying though only until a brief but elegant piano cast interlude links the track with the excellent Goddess Of Maggots. Immediately gnawing the ears with a torrent of carnivorous riffing, gutturally bred vocals, and deliciously niggling grooves, the track is a ruinous slab of tempestuous contagion, every element as nasty and violently delivered as they are irresistible and toxically infectious.

     Incest Of Flesh continues the new plateau for the release, the track not as immediate and accessible as certainly its predecessor but writhing and twisting with more imagination and mouth-watering invention than the rest. The continuing to impress vocals of Handzus are enjoyably backed up by the even rawer uncultured roars of Kosc whose guitar invention leaves ears and imagination ignited alongside the equally salacious calls of Koval’s bass and the ever incendiary craft of Jakubik. The best moment on the EP by far, though the previous track is not far back in its wake, the song alone sums up the creative power and still awaiting potential of the band.

     Supreme Accusation ruptures the air as the darkest malignant part of the release, every breath and note it spews a virulently rancorous entrapment and violation of the emotions and another unassailable treat to wax lyrical over. Its aural malcontent is in dramatic contrast to the closing Infamous, a just about one minute long instrumental which is quite exceptional. Coated in melodic grandeur and orchestral beauty, the piano and synths brought piece is a captivating enchantment. It blends sinister haunting shadows with emotive radiance and is sensational as well as powerful. Whether it fits in with what comes before is arguable but it is so good who really cares.

     Infamy Divine is a must for all brutal death metal fans; not quite the perfect hostility but with an imagination and skilled employment of expressive  challenging sounds to set it aside from other similar genre bred releases, Perversity has made an extreme statement the metal world should pay attention to.


RingMaster 09/01/2014

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