Colossus Of Destiny – In Lesser Brightness EP


We have a tasty little treat to bring to your attention as the year opens up its arms in the towering form of the In Lesser Brightness EP. Six tracks of multi-flavoured metal veined by some mouthwatering fusions of heavy rock, the release from French band Colossus Of Destiny is a rigorously impressive encounter. Released last October but seemingly finding greater deserved attention over recent weeks, the EP is a riveting slab of enterprise and accomplished persuasion which should see the Paris band stepping into a wider intensive spotlight.

The 2009 formed Colossus Of Destiny consists of vocalist Adrien Guilmoteau, guitarists Julien Laville and Mathieu Miquel, bassist Guillaume Taliercio, and drummer Jérémie Le Formal. Taking influences from the earlier presences of bands such as Baroness, Tool, Kylesa, Unsane, and Taint into their distinctive sound the band has released two previous EPs, their self-titled debut of 2010 and Eden the following year. There is little more background info to be found but when a record like the Hellbound Records released In Lesser Brightness does the potent talking for them you do not have the want to know more. Bulging with rock muscles which flatten the senses and a metal bred intensity that shapes the imagination with predacious intent, the EP is an immense introduction for us and probably plenty more to a band which has over the past four years honed their persuasion into something quite irresistible.

Dismay In Empty Eyes sets things in motion, its emergence from a brief stormy ambience marked by thumping rhythms and a spiralling sonic coaxing from the guitars. The drums instantly impress as does the moody basslines and excellent vocal growls of Guilmoteau and as the track rises from its lumbering stretch without ever exploding into life, just continually loading layers of intensive textures upon the ears, the song becomes a compelling temptation to which the guitar casts rich spicery. A sludge borne weight wraps itself around the imposing track adding to its heavy potency whilst elsewhere vocally and musically, the song reaps varied flavours such as post hardcore and melodic metalcore to hard and post rock to make a striking start to the album.

Unleashed takes things to another level right away and with its successors takes In Lesser Brightness to a much higher plateau. Crushing rhythms and air scoring riffs spears the ears first, both soon ridden by scowling vocals as the song makes its impressive opening declaration. There is right away a much more aggressive urgency and force to the track compared to its predecessor, guitars niggling and combative whilst the bass holds a predatory gait and voice which urges on the bone splintering rhythmic attack. The song is pure contagion throughout, addictive without offering easy lightweight hooks and commanding without bludgeoning to achieve its success. With a punk breath to its metal/rock persuasion which not for the last time on the EP sparks thoughts of Fuckshovel and Gruntruck, the confrontation is a thrilling blast soon matched as the release strikes home its advantage on the passions.

The next up Get Lost also fuses stirring elements of punk, metal, and hardcore to sculpt another major pinnacle upon the EP. Snarling from vocals to riffs as rhythms slam with eager rapaciousness, the track is a voracious brawl on the imagination but one unafraid to slow its assault to merge strong melodic tempting and inventive twists into the creative raging. As soon as the song departs Heavy Loads leaps forward with ravenous riffs and sonic tantalising coaxing the senses to secure an early hunger for its potential offering which the track rewards with more distinctive and varied adventure in songwriting and sound. It is fair to say that some elements of song and release are bred from familiar territory but it is hard to think of anyone which sculpts and delivers those essences in the same dramatic way as Colossus Of Destiny.

The title track shifts things again, slowing the gait but adding some progressive invention to the imagination invading suasion superbly crafted by band and song. An absorbing merger of intensity and melodic expression it is an evocative and mouth-watering incitement, as the whole release, to devour greedily whilst the closing Naked & Unbound provides a final thrilling union of muscle, infectious grooving, and melodic fire to reinforce the impressive stature of In Lesser Brightness.

It is hard to imagine on the evidence of In Lesser Brightness and a retrospective look at their previous EPs that Colossus Of Destiny will not become a potent name and presence in forceful music so joining their certain rise right now makes the only sense. A stunning release from an outstanding band, you read it here!


RingMaster 07/01/2014

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