RUMOURS to release ‘Letter From The Memory’ 3rd Feburary‏

Rumours Online Promo Shot
Bristol tunesmiths Rumours take from the likes of Artist Vs Poet and Fall Out Boy and offer a fresh outlook on Rock/Pop crossover. The highly rated outfit set loose their breathtaking debut EP ‘Letters From The Memory Box’ on Monday 3rd February available through all digital outlets.
On first glance, Rumours may appear to be just another band full of fancy haircuts and clichés, but rest assured, their songs pack more firepower than your typical young rock band. Loaded with enticing hooks and earnest vocal lines that truly set this crew apart from the pack, Rumours are here for the long haul.
Although Rumours only officially formed and sharpened their sound early this year, the four piece have already amassed a dedicated fanbase through targeted gigging and strong support from Kerrang! Radio’s Alex Baker. Armed with a bonded tightly-knit foursome consisting of Alex Mcmain (Vocals / guitar), Dan Mur (Bass), Jamie Hadley (Drums) and Neil Oliver (Guitars), Rumours are set to stake a claim in the national arena with the release of their brand new EP, ‘Letters From The Memory Box’.
Set for national release this February, their new EP is an alluring hook heavy affair that brims with attractive harmonies and boasts a stunning collection of honest rock tracks. From the delectable catchy opening of ‘Forever Young,’ to the cutting dynamism of ‘Make Believe’, the record showcases the band’s true passion and talent. With a UK tour lined up for next year, the band are poised to make a name for themselves any day soon…..
Rumours Cover Artwork

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